October 26, 2010

Basho is hosting one event this week and participating in another. Here are the details to make sure everyone is up to speed:

A NOSQL Evening in Palo Alto

Tonight there will be a special edition of the Silicon Valley NoSQL Meetup, billed as “A NOSQL Evening in Palo Alto.” Why do I say “special”? Because this month’s event has been organized by the one and only Tim Anglade as part of his NoSQL World Tour. And this is shaping up to be one of the tour’s banner events.

Various members of the Basho Team will be in attendance and Andy Gross, our VP of Engineering, will be representing Riak on the star-studded panel.

There are almost 200 people signed up to see this discussion as it’s sure to be action-packed and informative. If you’re in the area and can make it out on short notice, I would recommend you attend.

October San Francisco Riak Meetup

On Thursday night, from 7-9, we are holding the October installment of the San Francisco Riak Meetup. Like last month, the awesome team at Engine Yard has once again been gracious enough to offer us their space for the event.

We have two great planned talks for this month. The first will be Basho hacker Kevin Smith talking about a feature of Riak that he has had a major hand in writing: MapReduce. Kevin is planning to cover everything from design to new code demos to the road map. In short, this should be exceptional.

For the second half of Thurday’s meetup we are going to get more interactive than usual. Articulation of use cases and database applicability is still something largely unaddressed in our space. So we thought we would address it. We are inviting people to submit use cases in advance of the meetup with some specific information about their apps. The Basho Developers are going to do some work before the event analyzing the use cases and then, with some help from the crowd, determine if and how Riak will work for a given use case – and if Riak isn’t the right fit, we might even help you find one that is. If you are curious whether or not Riak is the right database for that Facebook-killer you’re planning to build, now is your chance to find out. We still have room for one or two more use cases, so even if you’re not going to be able to attend the Thursday’s meetup I want to hear from you. Follow the instructions on the meetup page linked above to submit a use case.

That said, if you are in the Bay Area on Thursday night and want to have some beer and pizza with a few developers who are passionate about Riak and distributed systems, RSVP for the event. You won’t be disappointed.

Hope to see you there!