The Basho Community is an incredible collection of developers and we welcome you into it. You can connect with your fellow members on IRC, the riak-user list or in-person at meetups and elsewhere.



Our Community is an eclectic group of engineers, architects, academics and enthusiasts who care about solving the hardest problems of distributed systems with open source software. Riak, written in Erlang, tackles the continuing complexity of persisting unstructured data with an architecture uniquely designed to scale.

You can freely share questions, answers and feedback. For more on how we communicate as a collective, read our Code of Conduct.




Our community makes incredible applications that leverage the scalable and reliable performance of Riak KV or S2 as a basis of their software. They then open source their work, giving back to us all. Here are some trending contributions from household names. If you know of more, share them with us at

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Here are the main places we find conversation about Basho and our Open Source Strategy taking place. Let us know if you’re maintaining another site you’d like on this list.

Mailing Lists

We maintain multiple mailing lists, from riak-user to riak_core. You can register for one or more of them any time.

#Riak on IRC

The community has a conversation over IRC at freenode


As Open Source projects, all our code is on GitHub. You can see Basho-created content in the Basho organization and our community-curated code on in the Basho Labs organization


Questions about our products can be found under the Riak tag of the site


There is informal discussion across Twitter. You can find interesting conversations by searching for Riak hashtag or the Basho Data Platform


We curate a number of meetups around Riak, NoSQL and the ecosystem. You can see all of them here

Taishi: Community Recognition Program

We knows that our community is more than any one product or one person; it’s a collection of people who share a passion for our mission to simplify distributed systems.

Thank you to the Taishi members:

~ Damien Krotkine
~ Shawn Debnath
~ Matt Ranney
~ Pedram "Deadzen" Nimreez
~ Daniel Dreier
~ Sean Kelly
~ Mariano Guerra
~ Eduardo Gurgel

Become a Maintainer

Our collection of community projects are gathered under Basho Labs on GitHub. We have an incredible community of maintainers who make these projects successful. If you’d like to become one of them, find an available project listed here.


Thank You goes out to our growing list of maintainers:

Dynamiq is a simple message queue, written by Tapjoy in Go, that’s proving to be a popular open source software project. Review the source code and let us know how you use it.



How do I learn to code with Riak?

To begin to use Riak KV as a NoSQL database, begin with The Taste of Riak training we provide. To explore object storage, read more about Riak S2.

How do I report a bug?

If you find any kind of odd behavior, vague error or new feature request, you can open an issue on the right GitHub repository for the request. If you're not sure which repo it is, open an issue in our community repository and we'll find the right spot for it.

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“Our community is the lifeblood of our company.” ~ Adam Wray, CEO of Basho