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Follow Up To Riak And Python Webinar

August 3, 2011

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s webinar on Riak and Python. If you missed the webinar, we’ve got you covered. Find a screencast of the webinar below, or check it out directly on Vimeo. Sorry that it’s missing the questions I answered at the end. I recapped the questions in written form below to make up for it.

We made the slides available for your viewing pleasure as well. But most importantly, have a look at our Python library for Riak, which got a lot of feature love lately, and at the source code for Riagi, the sample Django application. It utilizes Riak for session and file storage, and Riak Search storing user and image metadata.

Thanks to dotCloud for providing the hosting for Riagi. A little birdie told us they’re working on supporting Riak as part of their official stack soon.

The Python client for Riak wouldn’t exist without the community, so we want to say thank you for your contributions, and we’re always ready for more pull requests!

Keep an eye out for a new release of the Python client this week, including several of the new features shown in the webinar!

The two questions asked at the end were:

  • Is there a Scala client for Riak? Links relevant to the answer in the video: Outdated Scala Library, a more recent fork, and our official Java client.
  • Is Protocol Buffers more efficient than using HTTP? Answer is detailed in the webinar video.

Riak and Scala at Yammer

March 28, 2011

What’s the best way to start off the week? With an awesome presentation from some very talented engineers about building a Riak-backed service.

This video, which runs about 40 minutes, was recorded last week at the San Francisco Riak Meetup and is worth every minute of your time. Coda Hale and Ryan Kennedy of Yammer give an excellent and in depth look into how they built “Streamie”, why Riak was the right choice, and the lessons learned in the process.


* The PDF of the slide presentation can be viewed here
* Around the five minute mark Coda references a paper called “The Declarative Imperative: Experiences and Conjectures in Distributed Logic.”
* If you are interested in talking about your Riak usage, get in touch with mark@basho.com and we’ll get the word out.



There weren’t too many questions asked at the end of the presentation so we decided to cut them out of the recording in the interest of time. Apologies for this. Here they are:

  • What local storage backend are you using? Bitcask.
  • How many keys are you currently storing? Around 5 million.
  • What is the average value size? Under 10K
  • Can you share your hardware specs? Bare-metal, standard servers: 8-core, 16GB RAM, SATA drives.

Riak and Scala at Yammer from Basho Technologies on Vimeo.