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Basho and Riak at Rubyfuza

February 4, 2013

Basho is proud be to be sponsoring Rubyfuza, happening this week in Cape Town, South Africa. We’ve sponsored and spoke at a few events in Cape Town over the past several years, and Riak has seen successful adoption among various South Africa-based companies like Praekelt and Mad Mimi. We’re happy to support the tech community in and around “The Tavern of the Seas.”

Sadly, as was the case with PyConZA, we won’t be able to send an official Basho envoy to be a part of it. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Jeremy Thurgood, a member of the Praekelt engineering team, will be there on our behalf as the Riak Ambassador.

Jeremy and his team have been using Riak in production for various projects, and have contributed some useful code to the community along the way. Though Python is his language of choice, he’s been brushing up on his Ruby and will be on-hand to answer any Riak questions that attendees might have. There will also be some Basho and Riak swag floating around to make sure that no one goes home empty-handed.

Enjoy Rubyfuza and make sure to say his to Jeremy if you have a moment. Also, if you’re attending a conference and want to serve as an extension of the Basho Team as a Riak Ambassador, shoot an email to te@basho.com. We want to talk to you.


Riak at PyConZA

**October 03, 2012**

[PyConZA](http://za.pycon.org/) starts this Thursday in Cape Town, South Africa, and Basho is proud to be [a sponsor](http://za.pycon.org/sponsors_basho.html). As our blurb on the PyConZA site states:

Basho is proud to sponsor PyConZA because we believe in the power and future of the South African tech community. We look forward to the valuable, lasting technologies that will be coming out of Cape Town and the surrounding areas in the coming years.

You may remember that back in August we [put out the call](http://basho.com/blog/technical/2012/08/23/Riak-ambassadors-needed-for-PyCon-ZA/) for Riak Community Ambassadors to help us out with PyconZA. As hard as it is to miss out on a chance to go to The Mother City, it wasn’t feasible for us to make it with [RICON](http://ricon2012.com) happening next week. I’m happy to report that a few fans of durability have stepped forward as Ambassadors to make sure Riak is fully-represented. If you’re lucky enough to be going to PyconZA (it’s sold out), be on the lookout for the following two characters:

### Joshua Maserow

### Mike Jones

In addition to taking in the talks, Mike and Joshua will be on hand to answer your Riak questions (or tell you where to look for the answers if they don’t have them). There will also be some production Riak users in the crowd, so you won’t have to look too far if you want to get up to speed on why you should be running Riak.

Enjoy PyconZA. And thanks again to Mike and Joshua for volunteering to represent Riak in our absence.