October 2, 2013

Basho partner, Erlang Solutions, recently hosted a webinar that featured Riak powering the largest independent video communication service provider, ooVoo.

ooVoo has over 85 million users worldwide, with nearly 2.5 million users generating an average of 300 million minutes of video every day. These users also generate about 1,000 chat messages per second. With all of this activity, ooVoo adds nearly 40GB of data per day and now maintains tens of terabytes of data.

In 2012, ooVoo selected Riak to deploy new communication features and ensure no-single point of failure in their always-available architecture. Today, Riak is used to support cloud based chat history, rich interactive chat, group communication features, and an infinite retention policy.

In the webinar, ooVoo Senior Director and System Architect, Alex Fok, discusses their business requirements, architecture decisions, and business results from their deployment of Riak. The webinar is available here and can also be viewed below.