January 6, 2014

With the launch of the Technical Preview of Riak 2.0, we also announced the addition of strong consistency to Riak. This addition fundamentally changes how Riak can be used, since all previous versions classified Riak as an eventually consistent system.

With Riak 2.0, developers now have the flexibility to choose whether buckets should be highly available or strongly consistent, based on data requirements. Consistency preferences are defined on a per bucket type basis, in the same cluster.

At RICON West 2013, Basho senior engineer, Joseph Blomstedt, gave an updated version of his “Bringing Consistency to Riak” talk. The original talk (presented at RICON West 2012) discussed the challenges, motivations, and high-level plans of bringing consistency to Riak. This updated version presents the actual implementation that has since been built and how it will function in Riak 2.0. Both talks are available below.

To start testing the strong consistency feature, you can download the Technical Preview of Riak 2.0 here.

To watch all of the sessions from RICON West 2013, visit the Basho Technologies Youtube Channel.