Professional Services

Seamless Implementation

The Basho Professional Services team is dedicated to helping you achieve exceptional results with Riak as quickly as possible. We are here to provide practical help with installation and advice on best practices.

To ensure your Riak installation is seamless and provides maximum value, the Basho Professional Services team will work with you to assess the size and complexity of your implementation, establish requirements, and deliver a fully functioning installation of Riak. We provide installation services for the following products:



Implementation Details


The best timing for using this service is during the design phase of your implementation before you start your deployment.


The duration of these services is dependent upon the size and complexity of your implementation.


The location for delivering these services can be either on-site at your location or by remote access.


Basho will work with you to define your specific deliverables. Here is a sample list of deliverables:

  • Review implementation requirements based on your use case
  • Design the system layout
  • Configure the operating system and basic performance tuning
  • Install and configure Riak software
  • Set up and test the Riak installation

Services Mapped to Deployment Schedule

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