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Riak Price List
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Design, Development, and Implementation of Riak and Riak CS

Professional Services Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Basho Daily Rate
On-Site Training Workshop
(2-Day Session) Up to 5 People
On-Site Training Workshop
(2-Day Session) Large Group
Riak Health Check (3-Day)
DevOps: Operations and Automation Support -Minimum of 3 days
Use Case and Data Access 
Pattern Analysis -Minimum of 3 days
Riak Test Drive with 2-Day Onsite Session with 6 month, 5-node Enterprise Developer Pack
Typical Basho Professional Service Engagements

You May Be Wondering...

  • Why does Basho recommend starting with 5 nodes?

    Put simply, deployments of five nodes or greater provide a foundation for the best performance and growth as your cluster expands. Since Riak scales linearly with the addition of more nodes, users find improved performance, reliability, and throughput with larger clusters. More details are available in the post, Why Your Riak Cluster Should Have At Least 5 Nodes.

  • Where can I find Riak CS pricing?

    Cost considerations when deploying a large object storage product, such as Riak CS, can take a variety of shapes. Riak CS pricing is flexible for Service Providers looking for a usage-based model, or Enterprises calculating their investment through node count and resultant capacity. Contact Us to discuss your use case in greater detail and develop a pricing option to fit your needs.

  • Does Basho offer perpetual licenses?

    Perpetual licensing, on a per node basis, is available upon negotiation for both Riak Enterprise and Riak CS Enterprise. For more information Contact Us.

  • Does the license expire?

    Developer, Pro, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus have a term of one year, set to auto-renew.

  • Where can I learn more?

    We have put together a number of resources to ensure a smooth transition to Riak and/or Riak CS. Here are a few of the resources available to expedite your learning process:

    For additional questions, we also have the Riak Mailing List and IRC channel.

  • Do you have any discounts for startups?

    Basho has expanded the product portfolio to better fit the needs of the growing user base, including startups. Both Riak Developer and Riak Test Drive are great, low cost entry offerings for startups. Basho encourages startups to implement Riak early if they require a highly available platform.

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