March 2, 2012

The second BashoChats Meetup was held last week at BashoWest. The office was packed with area developers and our two speakers, Ted Nyman and Peter Bailis, each delivered exceptional talks. Our awesome videographer Matt Fisher finished Peter’s talk first and it’s so good that we didn’t see any reason to keep it from you while he put the final touches on Ted’s.

Peter is Graduate Student in the much-heralded Berkeley CS department. Suffice it to say that we were honored to have him at BashoChats. He and some colleagues have been working on something called Probabilistically Bounded Staleness for Practical Partial Quorums (PBS). In short, PBS aims to define just how eventual “eventual consistency” is, and their research produced some fascinating findings that should affect how people view and deploy distributed databases like Riak, Cassandra and Voldemort.

This talk, the subject matter, and the presenter are all fantastic. Watch it twice and tell three friends about it. (The PDF version of the slides are here for any interested parties.)

We’ll have Ted Nyman’s talk up next week. In the meantime, join BashoChats so you can be a part of the next event.