May 6, 2013

At the Game Developers Conference this March, Basho Chief Architect Andy Gross and Rovio Entertainment Product Manager Timo Herttua co-presented a session on Riak at Rovio. Angry Birds developer Rovio is using Riak as the database supporting its new mobile gaming platform, including features such as payments, game state storage, and push notifications. The Croods game was the first to use this new platform and is now available on Android and iOS.

In this video, Andy and Timo discuss how Rovio uses Riak and the data storage requirements for today’s high-scale, high-performance gaming platforms. Topics covered include:

  • Why gaming companies are moving to NoSQL to meet changing business requirements
  • How to evaluate distributed systems and databases like Riak
  • Structuring applications for common gaming use cases
  • Setting up and optimizing Riak, with a look at how Rovio uses Riak on the Amazon cloud
  • Use cases for Riak at Rovio, including push notifications, user profiles, and game state
  • Lessons learned from running Riak in production

For more information on building gaming services with Riak, download the Riak on Gaming whitepaper. This video is also available on the GDC Vault. Enjoy!

Gaming with NoSQL from Basho Technologies on Vimeo.