November 30, 2012

In September, we announced a partnership with Citrix CloudPlatform to provide integrated storage and compute capabilities. Basho and Citrix are working together on a combined platform that provides highly available cloud storage with multi-data center capabilities as part of the CloudPlatform solution for private, hybrid and public clouds.

With this month’s release of multi-datacenter features in Riak CS, we’re able to provide CloudPlatform users with highly available, multi-site cloud storage. We’re also working on authentication support for Citrix CloudPlatform in Riak CS for even more seamless integration.

“The developers of Riak have done a great job helping to extend Apache CloudStack, enabling users to use an S3-compatible object store for secondary storage,” said Citrix VP of Product Development and Apache CloudStack committer, Kevin Kluge. “We are also looking forward to having the option to use storage replication across zones as part of their Citrix CloudPlatform compatible Riak CS product.”

This weekend we’re at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference to talk to users about Riak CS and CloudStack, and we’ve got tons of free trials for Riak CS to pass out. If you’re at the Collaboration Conference, be sure to attend the technical overview presented by Basho Chief Architect Andy Gross, taking place at 10:45 AM PT in RM607. And make sure to track us down on Twitter if you’d like to talk more.

Basho Team