April 26, 2012

At Basho we love Yammer. Besides making a product that we rely on internally, they are long-time Riak fans and advocates, and have built a large Riak cluster to power notifications for their entire user base. But not every use case is a fit for Riak. Running multiple databases in production is not uncommon, and skilled engineering teams like Yammer’s will always select the best tool for the job.

To that end, Ryan Kennedy, Yammer’s Director of Core Services, presented at BashoChats 003 about some of the impressive work that he and his colleagues are doing with Berkeley DB. He goes in depth on how they came to select BDB, what they added on top of Berkeley to ensure it could scale and satisfy their availability requirements, and what their data set and request profile look like in production. There’s a lot of worthwhile and valuable information in here. (Ryan’s slides are here if you’re interested in the PDF.

Enjoy, and if you’re interested in speaking at a future BashoChats meetup, email me – mark@basho.com. Also, if you want to work with companies like Yammer, Twitter, Square, Simple, LinkedIn, and Basho building distributed systems, you should be at the next meetup. Keep an eye on the Meetup page for details.