November 30, 2010

We are pleased to announce Basho is looking for developers to work on Riak and our next generation of products. We have an awesome community that sustains us with hard work and positivity, we have a great group of people, and we have a lot of paying clients.

We are unconventional in some ways. We don’t believe in founders as a job title; we are all in this together as business partners. We are not perfect and admit our mistakes. We believe nothing is more important than honoring our word to our clients, investors, and community members. We value creative, positive people who take pride in team success. And yet, we are a poignant study in contradictions because we like competition, the fray, the froth of the market. We welcome the bake-off. We like to hear people brag about being leaders in NoSQL because of the number of people in their IRC channel while we quietly book another client. We try to have a sense of humor, too.

You must be: a good developer driven by pride in a job well done and possessed of an abundantly-positive attitude. Everything else can be accomplished in a few weeks with your nose in a few books like Programming Erlang: Software for a Concurrent World, some coffee, and a few Skypes with the team. If you are smarter than everyone else, the absolute smartest person you know — as in you win every argument because you are so smart and no problem cannot be solved by a quick application of your smarts — please do not apply. We are human and will disappoint you. We just work hard and try to make our clients and community happy.

We have clients. We are growing fast. People like our dogged commitment to service and therefore tolerate our bugs. In return we work really hard to take care of them and kill the bugs. And then they thank us and help us pay our salaries.

We are doing things a little differently than other companies. If that sounds cool, email us at

The Basho Team