January 15, 2014

Yesterday, we announced our newly expanded product portfolio. We have added many new offerings for both Riak and Riak CS to better meet the needs of our growing user base. You can check out prices and what’s been added here.

To complement this announcement, we wanted to provide a few more details around what each product tier provides.

For both Riak and Riak CS, we now offer Starter, Basic, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus packages. All of these options offer the built-in benefits of Riak and Riak CS, which include a masterless system with automatic replication, a straightforward key/value data model, HTTP API and Protocol Buffers, Client Security (both Authorization and Authentication), Riak Control (a visual GUI to monitor your cluster), Riak Search (now with integrated SOLR), Secondary Indexes, MapReduce, Basho Hadoop Connector, and Riak Data Types (distributed counters, sets, and maps). For more information about many of these features, check out our Intro to Riak webinar.

All four tiers also offer Basho Engineering Support – offering access to our Client Services Engineers for assistance. For Riak Starter, this support is available 8am – 8pm Eastern. For Basic, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus, it is available 24x7x365.

Technical Account Management Checkpoints are available quarterly for Starter and weekly for the other tiers. These checkpoints are meant to evaluate your cluster architecture and provide assistance where necessary.

All tiers offer Online Ticket Tracking for issues and Enterprise and Enterprise Plus also offer Emergency Patches. SLAs are available for urgent tickets with a 12-hour guarantee for Starter, a 1-hour guarantee for Basic, and a 30-minute guarantee for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus (with Special Event SLAs available in real-time for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus).

Both Riak Starter and Riak Basic have an Apache 2 license for the open source product and Enterprise and Enterprise Plus have a Commercial license for more flexible permitted usage.

Finally, as with Riak Enterprise and Riak CS Enterprise in the past, both Enterprise and Enterprise Plus include Multi-Datacenter Replication (which also enables cluster-to-cluster replication for secondary workloads), Reduced Replicas at Secondary Sites for more efficient storage, and SNMP and JMX Support. Enterprise Plus adds a Basho Baseline and Annual Health Check, which provides added Basho assurance and ensures long-term platform stability and performance.

Discounts are available based on the number of nodes in production or based on usage (for Riak CS). Perpetual Licensing is available upon negotiation. For more information on these options, contact us.

In addition to the four product tiers, we also added a range of Professional Services pricing options that include on-site trainings (for groups of all sizes) and Riak/Riak CS Test Drive. With Test Drive, the Professional Services team will help with initial backend design and assist new users in pre-production phases with on-site and continuous support.

Professional Services now has à la carte options such as Health Check, Quickstart, Operations and Automation Support, and Use Case and Data Access Pattern Analysis.

Contact us to get started with these new Riak and Riak CS product tiers.