Riak commended by Computer Weekly European User Awards for Storage

London, 25 October 2013The Computer Weekly European User Awards for Storage has announced Rovio as the winner of the Best Technology Innovation award for its work with Basho. The Angry Birds creator swooped the victory after deploying Basho’s open source distributed Riak database for massive scalability.

The judging panel for the Computer Weekly European User Awards for Storage included analysts from Forrester, IDC, Ovum and Quocirca and Basho’s winning entry was summarised by Henry Baltazar, Senior Analyst at Forrester. “Scalability and data distribution are key challenges in the application and storage works. Basho’s Riak distributed database deals with both challenges and has allowed companies such as Rovio to launch its mobile applications across the globe.”

With demand surging globally through the expansion of its mobile games series and the launch of new cartoon series, Angry Birds Toons, Rovio required new data infrastructure that would maintain high service levels in a cost effective and consistent manner. Rovio also needed its infrastructure to handle viral growth without failing and causing downtime. Flexibility was also key to allow Rovio to scale its IT both up and down to accommodate changing levels of demand in a cost effective way.

Basho’s distributed open source Riak database proved the perfect solution, offering a robust and scalable service that could deal with Rovio’s fluctuating demand. Consistent service without failure was guaranteed thanks to Riak replicating data across multiple nodes within the database; ensuring that if one server were to fail, another would seamlessly take up the load. Riak was also able to address Rovio’s demand to support multiple platform access to give gamers a consistent experience regardless of the device they use. Significantly, all of this was achieved without disrupting the existing architecture.

“We are delighted that our work with Basho has been awarded the Best Technology Innovation prize by Computer Weekly. The success of Angry Birds meant we were facing a massive increase in the amount of data we were dealing with and we had to find a way of managing the spikes in demand, caused by both the new releases and the continued growth of Angry Birds,” said Juhani Honkala, Vice President of Technology at Rovio. “Basho’s distributed data store, Riak, allows us to deliver the availability to our customers that they demand whilst maintaining a consistent standard of service that we can pride ourselves on.”

“Rovio is one of the most recognised gaming franchises in the world, so receiving this recognition award for Rovio’s deployment of Riak is a very good example of how crucial flexibility and scalability is to growing businesses today,” said Greg Collins, CEO of Basho. “The steps Rovio has taken to support exceptional customer service will continue to draw in fans and make its products stand out from the crowd, and we at Basho are delighted to be part of that.”