January 24, 2013

Alert Logic, the industry-leading Security-as-a-Service provider and protector of customer infrastructure and data, uses Riak to help manage their massive amount of data collection needs and to support their rapid business growth.

Recently named a Leader in Emerging Managed Security Services by Forrester Research, Alert Logic helps companies defend against security threats and address compliance mandates, such as PCI and HIPAA. Alert Logic’s Security solutions include intrusion detection, web application security, log management and vulnerability assessment, coupled with 24×7 monitoring and expert guidance services. Alert Logic is used by dozens of the world’s largest hosting service providers.

With the help of Riak, Alert Logic collects and processes machine data and uses this information to perform real-time analytics, detect anomalies, ensure compliance and proactively respond to threats. Alert Logic introduced Riak in 2012 to support the development of a new analytics infrastructure, and ultimately replace an existing MySQL system that could not support the anticipated increase in workload.

The new analytics infrastructure performs statistical and correlation processing on all data collected from Alert Logic’s products – including log messages, network intrusion detection events, and NetFlow data – processing approximately 5 TB/day. All of this data is processed in real-time as it streams in from over 2,000 customers, 5,000 appliances, and hundreds of thousands of data sources on customer networks. The data grows more than 50% a year, outpacing revenue growth of 40%.

Today, Alert Logic’s analytics infrastructure, powered by Riak, achieves performance results of up to 35,000 operations/second across each node in the cluster – performance that eclipses the existing MySQL deployment by a large margin on single node performance. In real business terms, the initial deployment of the combination of Riak and the analytic infrastructure has allowed Alert Logic to process in real-time 7,500 reports, which previously took 12 hours of dedicated processing every night. In addition, Alert Logic’s expert security analysts’ benefited as well, by gaining increased functionality and efficiency.

Alert Logic uses Riak Enterprise advanced replication technology to deploy clusters that can handle different priority workloads. This frees up Alert Logic’s primary cluster to ensure it is always available to receive and write customer-specific analytic data, even during times requiring extreme scale. Other Riak clusters will provide data mining and reporting that are critical to Alert Logic’s solutions.

“Alert Logic depends on the reliable processing of massive amounts of machine data and turning that into actionable information,” said Paul Fisher, Director of Platform Services, at Alert Logic. “Our security operations center depends on this information for analysis to detect and respond to real-time security incidents that occur on our customers networks. We selected Riak for scalability and fault-tolerance, and it continues to be a vital component helping ensure that the Alert Logic Platform can scale to keep up with our rapid growth.”

Alert Logic plans to accelerate development of its real-time analytical capabilities in 2013, and expand the presence of Riak as a foundational technology throughout Alert Logic’s solutions. On deck next is the replacement of the largest existing MySQL workload at Alert Logic, which today sustains 9,000 queries per second, and peaks at over 20,000.

Basho plans to announce the inaugural Houston Riak meet-up featuring the Platform Services team at Alert Logic shortly. Stay tuned.