By: Adam Wray

As many of you are aware, a number of changes have been afoot at Basho over the past few months. I’ve joined the team, along with Dave McCrory and additional leadership announced last week, and we are incredibly enthusiastic about the potential we see in Basho’s robust technology and innovation. Basho has doubled down to focus on creating the best possible key/value base and object store and I couldn’t pass up the challenge to show the world what else Riak can do. I’ve settled into my new role as CEO having spent many weeks and months meeting with our core tech team, customers and partners around the world in order to gain an in-depth understanding of our position and opportunity. As part of this process I wanted to share a snapshot of how we envision our future.

We are uniquely positioned to continue leading technologically with a key value offering that is scalable and reliable. With the proven high availability, scale and operational efficiency of our platform, we have the opportunity to build other data constructs on top of that solid foundation and answer customer needs. Dave is leading our teams to be much more purposeful to technologically enable and simplify the ways large amounts of unstructured data can be handled. Not only will we continue to drive strong commitment to the community, but also provide the levels of support that commercial deployments require.

We will continue to increase our market share, targeting organizations seeking super-scalable, ultra-reliable, enterprise-wide database platforms. We have some fantastic customers who have already experienced the benefits we offer and we expect to grow that number. Our leadership is committed to delivering tactical sales around the world, with Rob focused on strategic accounts and Pete growing our base while Manu and others are supporting our build out in EMEA and in Japan.

We will continue to deliver stand-out products and make good on our promises as we develop our long-term vision and plan. Distributed systems are just in the first inning and the potential is enormous. The enterprise hasn’t gotten serious about NoSQL until recently, so this is a massive area to attack that we are well-positioned to take advantage of.

We have the opportunity to build our relationships in key verticals and with our partners. We already have secured market share in healthcare, financial payments, gaming/gambling and telecoms. We will do considerably more in these areas by helping our customers to buy into not just Riak, but our future as a company.

We are dedicated to continuing the world-class support we provide and we’re eager about the potential to expand what Basho can offer as we grow up, answering more of our customer’s needs. By focusing on understanding our customers and maintaining our technical prowess, we see a bright future for Basho in the distributed systems ecosystem.

Watch for upcoming news about new releases, new products and dynamic customer stories. With RICON 2014 on the way October 28-29, so much more is to come this year, and I welcome you on this exciting journey.