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Basho’s distributed, highly available NoSQL database is used by companies worldwide.

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Distributed Storage. S3-Compatible.

Basho’s distributed Cloud Storage software powers public, private, and hybrid clouds.

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RICON West Videos Now Available

RICON West, Basho’s distributed systems conference, was a huge success. It featured a closing keynote from Google Fellow, Jeff Dean, and speakers from The Weather Channel, Netflix, Twitter, and more. You can check out videos from RICON West and past RICON conferences on Basho’s Youtube Channel. Watch RICON videos

Comparing Riak and Cassandra

In the distributed NoSQL space, Cassandra looks the most similar to Riak. Both are masterless, highly available data stores with architectural roots in Amazon’s Dynamo, the system Amazon engineered to handle their highly available shopping cart service. However, there are key differences between the two that need to be considered. We put together a brief comparison of Riak versus Cassandra to help you evaluate them for specific use cases. Read the Comparison

Built-In Replication Drives Availability and Speed

Multi-Datacenter Replication, available with Riak Enterprise and Riak CS Enterprise, allows for data to easily be replicated across locations. Designed to maximize availability, replication of data allows enterprises to pre-determine the physical locations of specific data – addressing regulatory compliance and improving end-user experience through low latency. Learn More