July 3, 2013

Basho CTO, Justin Sheehy, recently participated in a “Not Only SQL Summit,” alongside executives from some of the top NoSQL vendors. This summit was moderated by Ted Neward of Neward & Associates LLC and discussed the evolution of NoSQL systems as well as some associated best practices. It also included insights from customers currently using these NoSQL solutions.

In addition to Justin Sheehy, panelists included:

  • Anthony Molinaro, Infrastructure Architect at OpenX, discussing how they use Riak
  • Patrick McFadin, Principal Solution Architect at DataStax
  • Michael Kjellman, Software Engineer at Barracuda Networks, discussing how they use Cassandra
  • Justin Weiler, CTO at FatCloud
  • Attinder Khalsa, Executive Software Architect at Wilshire Axon, discussing how they use FatDB

Throughout this summit, OpenX, Barracuda Networks, and Wilshire Axon discussed not only why they chose to move away from relational systems but also why they chose the NoSQL vendor that they did. They also talk about their experiences dealing with eventual consistency and schemaless data. You can view the full summit below:

For more information about how OpenX uses Riak, check out Anthony’s presentation from RICON. You can also learn more about how companies from all industries use Riak by checking out our Users Page.