February 11, 2013

We are excited to announce Datapipe’s Stratosphere, a globally available, high-performance managed cloud computing platform, leverages Riak Cloud Storage (CS). Riak Cloud Storage provides Datapipe and its customers with highly available, low-latency and S3-compatible storage.

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Datapipe offers a single provider solution for managing and securing mission critical IT services, including cloud computing, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, managed hosting, and colocation.

Stratosphere is Datapipe’s globally available managed cloud computing platform. With the launch of Riak CS to support cloud object storage, Datapipe customers can now access cloud object storage from any solution hosted with Datapipe and adjacent to existing solutions in any Datapipe data center. Stratosphere is designed for enterprise high I/O production environments and can also be used for development, testing and QA environments. Use cases include large-scale marketing campaigns, brand sites and analytics; applications with variable peak demand times and other dynamic workloads; and cloud disaster recovery and geographic redundancy.

Datapipe delivers services from the world’s most influential technical and financial markets including New York metro, Silicon Valley, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Why Riak Cloud Storage at Datapipe?
Datapipe selected Riak Cloud Storage for its low-latency, highly available object storage, operational ease-of-use, and multi-site replication capabilities. After extensively testing solutions from a variety of vendors in the space, Datapipe selected Riak Cloud Storage for a few core reasons:

  • Built on years of developing Riak, Riak CS is designed to provide simple, available, distributed cloud storage at any scale.
  • Riak CS is compatible with major cloud object storage clients and applications with its S3-based API.
  • Riak CS meets the high performance requirements of the Stratosphere cloud-computing platform.

“Riak CS provides the high-performance, distributed datastore we need to deliver a sound foundation for our cloud storage needs now and for many years into the future,” said Ed Laczynski, VP Cloud Strategy, Datapipe.

Be on the lookout for upcoming documentation about using Riak CS-backed functionality on Stratosphere at Datapipe. Riak CS is now available with Datapipe in a limited beta, with an upcoming full release.

For a developer trial of Riak CS, sign up here.