New York, NY– July 24, 2013 – Basho is a proud sponsor and exhibitor of DevCon5 2013, the HTML5 and mobile application developer conference. DevCon5 takes place July 24-25 in New York, NY.

DevCon5 is a conference where both front and back end developers are familiarized with disruptive technologies that enable UX/UI and back end mobile development. While this is Basho’s first year at DevCon, their distributed database, Riak, is already a key tool for backend mobile developers looking to provide “always on” user experiences. Due to Riak’s redundant, fault-tolerant design, Riak also provides a consistently fast mobile user experience that can easily scale and support highly concurrent access. It is currently used to power mobile applications like Voxer, Bump, and Rovio. For more information on how mobile applications and platforms can use Riak, download “Mobile on Riak: A Technical Introduction.”

In addition to sponsoring, Basho UX/UI Lead Designer, Sarah Drasner, will be speaking at DevCon5. Drasner’s talk, “CSS Animations to Tell A Story” will be a deep-dive into creating scalable web graphics for maximum impact, while telling a broader story of emerging tools that allow for less operational complexities and amplified impact. Like Basho’s flagship product Riak, Drasner will discuss how technologies are shifting to meet emerging business requirements, while minimizing immediate operational burdens and enabling ease of scale.

Drasner’s talk begins at 3:30pm ET on Wednesday, July 24th.