August 5, 2013

This month, Basho will be at Meetups and other events all over the world – presenting on all things Riak and distributed systems. Here are some of the highlights of where we’ll be in August:

Boston Meetup: Tonight, David Bishop (Lead Systems Administrator at Synacor) will discuss his experience using Riak Enterprise to power a cross-datacenter video metadata product behind some of the biggest ISP’s portals in the business.

DC Meetup: This Meetup will be focused on using different technologies to power mobile apps. It will feature case studies from Rovio and Zope Corporation. This event will take place on August 8th and you can register here.

Los Angeles Meetup: Learn about the new features and updates available with Riak 1.4, including eventually consistent counters. You can register for this August 13th event here.

Berlin Meetup: This eBay Meetup will feature two speakers, including Basho Chief Architect Andy Gross. Andy will speak about the resurgence in interest in both theoretical and applied distributed systems, explore new areas of promising research, and provide practical advice for dealing with systems in our new distributed world. You can register for this August 15th event here.

PuppetConf: Basho will be attending PuppetConf in San Francisco from August 22-23. Come visit our booth and meet our Director of Community, Mark Phillips and our Solutions Engineer, Pavan Venkatesh. Bring any Riak questions and get some great swag.

This is just a few of the events we’ll be at throughout August. For a complete list, check out the Events Page.