August 1, 2013

To accompany our recent Riak 1.4 announcement, we hosted a live “What’s New in Riak 1.4” webcast. While we had many attendees that asked some great questions, we realize not everyone was able to tune in. That’s why we’re providing the complete recording below.

The webcast is about 30 minutes. It provides a quick background of the basics of Riak and discusses what’s new in the Riak 1.4 release, including the addition of eventually consistent counters, improvements in secondary indexing, and Riak Control updates. The webcast also covers Riak Enterprise and the enhancements released with 1.4. Finally, it looks at how other companies are using Riak and what’s in store for the future Riak 2.0 release later this year.

Slides for this webcast can be found here and you can download Riak 1.4 at