Your users, their sessions. Always available.

User data includes information about users and customers such as name, address, demographics, preferences, credit card details, email address, and historical details like purchases and game scores. User data is critical to ensure user engagement, and to complete transactions or purchases.

Session data is information about the application’s connection with the user and is typically passed back and forth from the end user’s client (browser, phone, etc.) and then stored on the server awaiting the return of new session data with changes from the user. Session data is used for communications between the application and the user.


Riak KV is uniquely architected to handle user and session data. It was originally developed to serve as a highly scalable session store. Since user and session IDs are usually stored in cookies, or otherwise known at lookup time, Riak KV is able to serve these requests with predictably low latency.

Riak KV is designed to not impose restrictions on the value, so session data can be encoded in many ways and can evolve without administrative changes to schemas. Riak KV is designed to never lose a write and to scale horizontally so that, even on peak days, all your user’s actions are completed seamlessly.


Riak is used for fast retrieval of user and session data for large enterprises across multiple industries and ensures that your data is always available. Across the globe, Riak is the best choice for storing user and session data.

  • Gaming companies: bet365, Hibernum, Riot Games, Rovio all use Riak KV to store session data for gamers and players.
  • Retail and ecommerce: Companies use Riak KV to store user profile data, user preferences and user behavior data.
  • Telecommunications and Service Providers: Comcast uses Riak KV to manage customer data records, and store subscriber session information for mobile and web applications.
  • Transportation: Virgin America and Flywheel store passenger information and session data in Riak KV.