Metrics / Log Analytics

Metrics and log analysis drive your business.

Everyone has an opinion, but better decisions are based on data. How can you use logs and metric data to make better business decisions? Systems have always included log data, but the volume, velocity, and complexity of these logs has grown exponentially as IoT sensors and devices have proliferated. We’re now also seeing extensive growth in metrics analysis. These metrics and log files require fast reads and writes along with the ability to retrieve data using range queries, all while remaining fast, reliable, and scalable. This just isn’t possible with traditional relational databases.


Metrics and logs can come at a high velocity and variety of lengths. Some are informational and others require immediate action. Often, complex analysis is needed to determine whether action is required. Something that might initially appear to be informational can turn out to be a serious issue when the data is aggregated and analyzed over time. Riak TS provides the high performance and resilience required for fast analysis of metrics and log data. Data co-location makes it fast to store and analyze this semi-structured time series data. With Riak TS, you can run range queries to focus your analysis on specific time blocks across systems or devices. SQL queries make it quicker and easier to analyze your data.


Across industries, companies must store and analyze vital metric and log data. Whether your data is system logs, gaming user logs, weather sensor logs, or health device alerts, you need fast storage, retrieval, and analysis of your data. Riak TS ingests and stores your most vital metrics and log data, and makes it easy to retrieve and analyze your data over time.

  • Software & Technology companies span a broad range, but whether you are a social media, security, service or infrastructure company, you are storing and analyzing log and metric data. Riak TS enables you to aggregate data over time to analyze system and device issues, or take action based on your metric analytics, such as system statistics (I/O and CPU) and SLAs (uptime and performance).
  • Gaming & Betting companies log massive amounts of time series data, including game performance, game statistics, and player activities. Riak TS allows fast range queries and aggregation of this logged data.
  • Healthcare Services companies use their IT infrastructure to connect patients and providers. This infrastructure creates massive amount of logs, metrics and alerts, so companies use Riak TS to quickly store and analyze this time series data. Processing logs and alerts fast and correctly is critical to patient care.