Connect users and ensure communication.

Humans are social creatures. We use technology to communicate and stay connected. This electronic communication has moved beyond just text to include pictures, screen captures and other images. We use our chat history as an information archive that we return to over and over again. This electronic communication is now part of almost every web application.


Traditional relational databases were not architected to handle the variety of unstructured data and the speed required for messaging and chat applications. Riak KV meets these challenges and is easy to operate at scale.

Riak KV provides the highly-available, low-latency data architecture required by modern messaging and chat applications. Riak KV’s masterless design ensures that database scalability is architected in from the outset of the design.


Riak KV is used by one of our customers for a chat services supporting 67 million unique customers monthly, with more than 27 million daily messages, and 11 thousand messages per second. All of this is provided by several hundred servers worldwide that are managed by only three people.

  • Gaming & Betting: Riot Games’ League of Legends uses Riak KV to provide worldwide, in-game chat for millions of players.
  • Transportation, Manufacturing & Utility providers: General Electric uses Riak KV to enable internal messaging systems connecting their employees with customers in ways they were unable to in the past.
  • Software & Technology: Yammer built their notification and alerting systems based entirely on the unique availability and scalability characteristics of Riak KV.