Basho Internet of Things

Data at the edge of your network needs analysis too.

Data, data everywhere! How do you enable valuable insights when and where you need them and stop the flow of irrelevant data? Traditionally, data is analyzed at the core of your network, but with the growth of IoT sensors and devices, data must be analyzed closer to its source and aggregated for core analysis. From cruise ships to health monitoring to system utilization, edge analytics create a better user experience and faster response times.


Edge device analytics must be fast and reliable using minimal resources. This requires a database that is highly resilient and easy to operate at scale. Riak TS is a high performance, highly resilient NoSQL database optimized for real-time analysis of time series data. Easily add capacity on demand using commodity hardware. Respond to reads and writes even in the event of hardware failures or network outages. Riak TS requires fewer hardware resources for the same computational power, making it an ideal choice for edge analytics. With Riak TS, it’s easy to do analysis using SQL range queries.


When the customer experience and real-time analytics must be immediate, edge analytics allow you to respond faster to meet your business needs. Whether monitoring error logging or tracking kiosk usage or checking prescriptions, Riak TS is ideal for performing edge device analytics.

  • Telco & Service Providers are offering new services and provisioning them quickly. They use Riak TS at the edge for real-time analysis of system performance due to its speed and resiliency.
  • Software & Technology companies depend on real-time logging and alerting to meet their customer requirements. They use Riak TS for fast storage and analysis of device or system logs at the edge and aggregate them over time.
  • Health Services companies rely on fast performance and reliability to ensure patient health. They depend on Riak TS to ensure patient and provider records are always available for hospital and clinic edge analytics. With healthcare costs rising, having an economical, highly resilient solution at the edge is critical to reduce costs.