Content & Documents

Deliver personalized content at scale.

Content is king. But today more and more of that content is unstructured. It’s images, documents, pdf files, log files, emails, chat history, books, articles and videos. The days of attempting to shoehorn this content into a relational database structure are long past.

The issues of relational database table overload (how many BLOBs can you fit in a single table) are solved with a distributed, NoSQL database. Content not only takes many shapes as it is written, it enables many different use cases requiring low-latency experiences. The deployment of content at scale requires a distributed platform that scales as your customers demand.


Riak KV is a fundamentally content-agnostic database. You can use it to store anything you want – from JSON to XML to HTML to binaries to images and beyond. Riak S2 is for large object storage when you need to store terabyte-size files or scale to petabytes of object storage.

In legacy systems, data is organized by tables that are separate and unique structures. Within these tables exist rows of data organized into columns. By contrast, Riak has a much simpler data model. An object is both the largest and smallest element of data. As such, interaction with the database is enacted by retrieving or modifying the entire object.


This Key/Value/Bucket model enables broad flexibility in modeling the application’s data domain with Riak KV as the data store for persistence. The flexibility of the Key/Value model, combined with the power of Riak Search and Riak Data Types, provides a highly scalable, highly available document store with rich, full-text query capabilities.

  • Gaming & Betting: bet365 uses Riak to store bet information for all customers. Riot Games and Rovio store game results, leaderboards, and user statistics.
  • Health Services: The National Health Service UK (NHS) delivers demographic information and clinical information (allergies and adverse reactions to medicines)
  • Retail & eCommerce: BestBuy, Betzold, Dubzille, ideel, and Shopzilla all use Riak as the core content store for the product catalog.