Business Continuity

Your data. Day-to-day dependable.

Companies rely on data to power their day-to-day operations. It is imperative that this data be always available. Even minutes of application downtime can mean lost sales, a poor user experience, and a bruised brand. This can add up to millions in lost revenue.

Most databases work at small scale, but how do you scale out, up, and down predictably and linearly as your data grows? One of the most common architectural patterns for multi-cluster replication is maintaining a primary cluster that serves traffic and a backup cluster for emergency failover. Maintaining a backup cluster can also be an important component of regulatory compliance and/or ensuring business continuity during an adverse event.


Riak KV Enterprise with Multi-Cluster Replication ensures business continuity in the event of an outage. Riak KV has an innovative database architecture that provides fast read and write functionality for globally distributed data. Riak KV is designed for a masterless configuration. This means that administrators can deploy multiple Riak KV clusters and then replicate to keep them all synchronized. If a write is received by Cluster A, Cluster A will in turn assure that the write is replicated to Clusters B – Z. And it does this fast. Really fast.


Multi-Cluster Replication is a critical part of modern infrastructure, providing essential business benefits for enterprise applications, platforms, and services.

  • Gaming & Betting: bet365, Riot Games, and Rovio use Riak KV Enterprise’s Multi-Cluster Replication to ensure business continuity in the event of an outage.
  • Retail & eCommerce: Best Buy, Dubizzle, and GT Nexus leverage Riak KV Enterprise Multi-Cluster Replication to not only ensure high availability in disaster conditions but to perform “cloud bursting” addressing seasonal spikes in workloads.
  • Telcos & Service Providers: Comcast leverages the Multi-Cluster Replication to ensure a consistent customer experience, regardless of external events