January 9, 2013

Synacor’s TV Everywhere platform enables cable, satellite, consumer electronics and telco companies to stream content and programming to any device, anytime. TV Everywhere also provides innovative search, discovery and recommendation solutions combined with deep social media integration.

Synacor TV Everywhere uses Riak as object storage for video clips, news stories and other content. Originally using a relational solution as their primary datastore, API response times had started to slow as they continued to add more assets. After evaluating several possible solutions, they chose to move to Riak due to its low latency and Synacor’s high availability requirements.

Riak Enterprise has been deployed in multiple Synacor datacenters and has improved the API response time significantly since its integration. Synacor now stores over 5 million assets with thousands being added daily. According to Michael Collins, Synacor’s Senior Director of Engineering, “Riak has never been the source of a bottleneck for us. It’s been great.”

For more details, check out the complete case study, “TV Everywhere with Synacor and Riak”