October 18, 2012

Riak CS is enterprise cloud storage built on top of Riak, offering S3-compatible, multi-tenant large object storage. It’s software for building public clouds, or reliable storage behind your applications. And of course, it’s designed to be fault-tolerant, highly available and easy to operate, just like Riak. Riak CS docs are available online, but we also wanted to provide an easy way for teams to get their hands on some code or a hosted version to try out.

We’ve got two ways to get you started. First, we’ve got hosted Riak CS for testing. It’s got a simple UI so you can upload files, test out the API, use s3cmd or another client against it, and generally work your way around. If you want to dig further into Riak CS, we also have a Riak CS developer trial. This gives you access to the Riak CS code (and a little bit of our help to get you up and running), so you can install it on your own machines, do all the testing you need in your own environment, and decide if it’s the right choice for you.

If either of these options sound good to you, send us a little info on you and we’ll get you started.