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Basho Hosting Providers

August 6, 2013

Basho would not be where we are today without the valuable partnerships we have forged. Our partners have made Riak much more accessible and powerful. If you’re not familiar with our range of partners, check out our Partnership Page.

A large part of our partnership program is with hosting providers. Currently, we partner with five hosting providers:

Amazon Web Services: Riak can be quickly implemented via the AMI available on the Amazon Marketplace. To help you set up and configure a Riak cluster with this AMI, check out our blog post that walks you through the process. If AMI isn’t the right option for you, we have a few other deployment options available as well.

Windows Azure: Riak is a fully supported and tested NoSQL database option available on the Microsoft VM Depot. You can quickly deploy a virtual machine image or manually install via our packaging tools. You can learn more about this partnership on our blog.

Engine Yard: Hosted Riak is officially supported on the Engine Yard cloud platform. A Riak cluster can be deployed as simply as defining some configuration values and clicking “Add Cluster.” Ines Sombra, Lead Data Engineer at Engine Yard, has put together a talk to help you get started using Riak in cloud environments.

Joyent: Riak SmartMachines, developed in partnership with Joyent, enable SmartOS users to quickly deploy Riak on the Joyent infrastructure. These SmartMachines are scalable, fault-tolerant, open source key/value database servers intended to be the primary data storage mechanism in production applications. Check out Joyent’s site for more information.

SoftLayer: Riak and Riak Enterprise are available on SoftLayer’s global cloud platform. Customers can design and deploy a complete solution through SoftLayer’s solution designer and leverage the global footprint of SoftLayer data centers to provide for multi-datacenter replication. Check out our blog post for more information.

Visit our Partnerships Page to learn more about all our partners. If you’re interested in partnering, please let us know!


Riak on VM Depot from MS Open Tech

January 9, 2013

Today, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc announced the public preview of VM Depot. Basho is pleased to participate in this launch. Available today, you can quickly deploy a virtual machine image, configured with an OSS Riak implementation from the VM Depot.

For more information on the VM Depot launch, check out the interoperability@Microsoft blog and follow @openatmicrosoft.

Ease of deployment is a common theme we hear from the community…ensuring Riak is available on your platform of choice is part of our purpose in supporting your deployment needs. Whether it’s quickly prototyping an internal application in the enterprise, deploying a hybrid cloud solution, or leveraging solely public cloud services, Riak is an excellent choice for solving your data-storage needs at scale.

If you need multi-datacenter replication and support, contact us to discuss Riak Enterprise on Azure.

Given that this is a public preview, installation documentation is forthcoming. When it is ready, and that will be soon, you can find it on our documentation portal. In the mean time, feel free to ask questions, or provide feedback, on the mailing list.