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Resources for Mobile

June 11, 2013

Mobile platforms and applications need to provide low-latency user experiences that can scale quickly and support highly concurrent user access. That is why so many mobile applications have selected Riak to handle their data.

To see if Riak is a fit for your mobile use case, we have put together a number of resources that showcase how mobile companies are using Riak to solve a variety of challenges. Below are some highlights:

  • The “Mobile on Riak” whitepaper provides a technical introduction of Riak, specifically for mobile needs.
  • Voxer has both a case study and a video that look at how they use Riak to support their massive, sudden growth.
  • Bump, one of the most popular mobile apps, has a case study that looks at why they chose Riak to store their user data, and a video that goes into more details about their data model.
  • Comcast uses Riak as the primary datastore for their “Highly-Available Object Storage System,” which is used by their mobile applications and websites. More details can be found in their case study and from their talk at RICON 2012.
  • OmniTI uses Riak to power the mobile rewards provider, Viggle.
  • On our blog, there are posts on the advantages of Riak for mobile and how to build mobile applications with Riak.

For a complete list of resources, visit our Resources Page.


OmniTI Uses Riak to Power Viggle’s Mobile App

February 12, 2013

OmniTI is a provider of web infrastructures and applications for companies that require scalable, high-performance, mission critical solutions. They specialize in providing complex, high-transaction, and large-volume data applications. One of their customers is Viggle, a mobile app that rewards people for checking into the television shows they are watching. Viggle has more than a million users, and its advertisers include Pepsi, Kraft, and Capital One.

OmniTI designed the server architecture for Viggle’s mobile app and also designed the internal APIs that connect Viggle’s multiple back-end services, creating a cohesive, fault-tolerant system. OmniTI chose Riak as an integral part of this system, providing high availability and low latency during peak times.

“For this architecture, near-zero downtime and sustaining high throughput with low latency are critically important,” said Theo Schlossnagle, CEO of OmniTI. “We needed Viggle’s key components to remain available and responsible under sudden floods of user traffic, which made Riak the perfect fit. Riak has not disappointed us and has performed exactly as needed for this application.”

For more information on how Viggle has used OmniTI to design and support their system, check out their full announcement.