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“Throw Some Keys On It” Slides

March 10, 2014

Hector Castro is one of the Technical Evangelists here at Basho. Over the past few months, he has been presenting at various meetups and conferences about how to approach data modeling in Riak with his talk, “Throw Some Keys On It.” This talk sets the stage by discussing the more familiar relational database management systems (RDBMS) and some of its key features, including relationships, transactions, schemas, and Structured Query Language (SQL).

However, RDBMS also come with some tradeoffs and most applications don’t require all of its features. In addition, many applications now have availability, scalability, and latency requirements that negate many of the RDBMS benefits. That’s where key/value stores (like Riak) come in. Key/value data stores have a number of benefits compared to relational databases – including schemaless design, single-access reads, ability to handle write-heavy workloads, scalability, and a simple interface. While they are becoming increasingly more popular, many developers still think about data modeling from a relational mindset.

Using the Uber mobile application as an example, this talk helps developers think about decomposing more complex problems into smaller, simpler key/value pairs.

Videos of this talk will be available shortly but in the meantime, slides from this talk can be found below.

For more examples of key/value users, check out the Riak Users Page. For additional information about data modeling, visit our Docs or reach out to the Riak Mailing List.


What’s New in Riak CS 1.4 – Full Recording

August 26, 2013

Earlier this month, we announced the availability of Riak CS 1.4, which added a number of performance improvements, OpenStack integration, and simpler user management. To provide more details about what was introduced with the latest release, we also hosted a “What’s New in Riak CS 1.4” webcast.

This short webcast provides an overview of both Riak CS and Riak, and discusses what’s new in Riak CS 1.4. It also looks at the fundamental features and architecture of Riak CS, talks about the key partnerships, and discusses Riak CS Enterprise – the commercial extension of Riak CS.

You can watch the complete recording below.

You can also view the slides from this webcast here.

To get started with Riak CS, visit docs.basho.com/riakcs/latest/riakcs-downloads/ to download the latest release.


“Distributed Patterns in Action” from O’Reilly OSCON

July 31, 2013

Last week, Basho sponsored O’Reilly OSCON, a conference dedicated to all things open source. In addition to sponsoring, Basho engineer Eric Redmond presented on “Distributed Patterns in Action.”

In his talk, he discusses the data structures and message patterns that are used to craft a distributed system à la Riak. To create a system like Riak is more than asking which programming language to use, or which libraries to include. He explains how a better approach is if you take a collection of well-known patterns and put them together in the right way for the right reasons, you can distribute all sorts of tasks across multiple nodes.

The slides from his talk can be found here.

Interested in more Basho talks? You can see where we’ll be presenting next on our Events Page.


Slides from Riak 1.4 Webcast

July 17, 2013

Last week, we announced the availability of Riak 1.4, which added a number of new features and updates. To provide more details about what was introduced with the latest release, we hosted a “What’s New in Riak 1.4” webcast.

For reference, we have posted the slides from this webcast below and the complete recording will be posted in the coming weeks. These slides provide background on Riak, introduce the new features and updates available with 1.4, and discuss some use cases and user stories. They also cover Riak Enterprise and what enhancements 1.4 made to Riak Enterprise’s replication.


GameLab2013: Riak for Gaming

July 1, 2013

GameLab2013 is Barcelona’s Videogame and Interactive Entertainment International Conference. It brings together creators, managers, and visionaries from across the industry to discuss current challenges and trends that will guide the future of digital entertainment. Some key topics include emerging gaming markets, new distribution platforms, shifting business models, and the evolution of social and mobile games.

This year, Tom Santero, Technical Evangelist at Basho, was invited to speak about how Riak fits into the evolving gaming industry. His talk, “Riak: Distributed Storage for Games You Don’t Have to Worry About,” describes how video games have changed over the years and how supporting massive global scale is now the norm for many gaming companies. He then describes how Riak can be a perfect fit for many gaming applications as it is designed for linear scalability, fault tolerance, high write throughput, low latency, and high availability. He also discusses how some gaming companies, such as Rovio and Hibernum, are currently using Riak to support their multi-platform applications. You can view his entire slide deck below:

To learn more about how Riak can be used for gaming platforms and applications, check out our Gaming Resources Page.


RICON East Videos Are Now Available

June 17, 2013

RICON East, Basho’s distributed systems conference, took place last month in New York. Hundreds of developers and academics gathered for two days to learn how distributed systems are being used in production and where they’ll be in the future.

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting the videos of the talks on the RICON East Archive. These videos are open to anyone and feature speakers from various distributed systems backgrounds. Slides for all of the talks are also available in the Archive.

The first six videos are already available on the site. These videos are:

Basho is also hosting another distributed systems conference, RICON West, in San Francisco on October 29-30th. We already have some great speakers lined up, including Jeff Dean (Google Fellow), Kate Matsudaira (Founder and CTO of Pop Forms), Peter Bailis (PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley), Justin Sheehy (CTO at Basho Technologies), Jeff Hodges (Distributed Systems Engineer at Twitter), and Diego Ongaro (PhD Candidate at Stanford University). Early bird tickets are on sale now.

Be on the lookout for more videos coming soon and we’ll see you at RICON West!


Closing Keynote from RICON East

May 30, 2013

Basho’s distributed systems conference, RICON East, was chock full of amazing talks from academics and professionals from all industries. Luckily, for everyone who couldn’t attend, all of the talks were recorded and will be available on the RICON site soon.

In the meantime, we have posted the slides from the closing keynote, presented by Basho Chief Architect, Andy Gross. His talk, entitled, “Lessons Learned and Questions Raised (from building distributed systems),” goes over his experience building distributed systems and how the space is changing. Check out his slides below and be on the lookout for the complete video, which will be posted soon.

Tickets are now on sale for RICON West, which will take place October 29-30 in San Francisco. You can get early bird pricing now through August 29th.


Slides: Introduction to Riak

March 27, 2013

Yesterday, we presented an introductory webcast for those new to Riak. We’ve posted the slides below. They cover the key design goals of Riak and its architecture, operations, interfaces, and querying features. They also include new features from the recent 1.3 release and a few interesting user stories of Riak in production.

Our next webcast will be Tuesday, April 2 and will focus on our newly open sourced, cloud storage product, Riak CS. You can sign up for it here.