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Conversations with Puppet Labs Podcast

January 9, 2014

Puppet Labs hosts regular podcasts that feature the leaders in automation, operations, and technology. Last week, they invited Basho engineer, Eric Redmond, to speak about design patterns for distributed systems.

Eric’s talk aims to show that an average programmer can create a highly available system in any language. He also discusses many of the tradeoffs involved in implementing some of these different distributed design patterns, including speed, capacity, uptime and data integrity. Finally, he wraps up by talking about Riak as a distributed system that persists data rather than a database that has been given distributed functionality and looks at some of the upcoming features being added with Riak 2.0.

You can listen to Eric’s full podcast here.

For more information on design patterns for distributed systems, you can check out slides from his full presentation at OSCON 2013.


Riak Puppet Module Now Official

October 17, 2012

A few weeks back Puppet Labs put a bounty on a Riak puppet module, and Henrik Feldt (known as haf) took up the challenge and delivered! After releasing the module, and working with a few of us at Basho to tweak it, haf graciously offered to transfer ownership of the puppet-riak code to us and we were happy to accept it. Thanks, haf!

The puppet module can be used as-is, or as a stepping stone for your own recipes. Take it for a spin and don’t be shy about contributing or filing issues.