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An Inside Look: Basho’s Decision to Expand Open Source Options

January 14, 2014

Today, we announced our newly expanded product portfolio. We have added many new offerings for both Riak and Riak CS to better meet the needs of our growing user base. You can check out prices and what’s been added here.

An Inside Look

In 2009, Basho first open sourced Riak. That decision has driven our culture, our development process, our business model, and – in large part – our current success. The Basho team strongly believes that open source drives adoption (a concept discussed at length in Stephen O’Grady’s book, The New Kingmakers). In addition to being a favorite of start-ups, open source continues to attract more and more IT organizations, enterprise architects, and CIOs.

Basho support for Riak and Riak CS open source users is at the heart of this expanded product portfolio. Since launching Riak 1.0 just over two years ago, providing guaranteed support for non commercial-software users has been a topic of much discussion within Basho. As a distributed database, Riak is built for mission-critical applications where any downtime is not tolerable, revenue is often on the line, and a bulletproof, low-latency customer experience is absolutely required.

Our Enterprise customers love our support. Fortune 500 customers that put Riak into production never leave Riak. Our front-line Client Services Engineers are all full-stack engineers who resolve issues directly. In 2013, Basho’s average time to first respond to an Urgent ticket was 11 minutes. The team also handled over 2,000 customer requests that ranged from Riak configuration questions and performance tuning, to application design and full-stack inquiries. Some recent examples of customer praise:

Scott Densmore with CenturyLink

Brian Akins at Turner Broadcasting

In addition to our Enterprise customers, we also have a fast-growing community of users that are in different stages of their software development lifecycle. Our Enterprise level of support (24×7) may not always be necessary. Many early-stage users simply do not yet require the advanced features of Riak Enterprise and Riak CS Enterprise, such as Multi-Datacenter Replication.

As Basho has transitioned from start-up to growth stage, we’ve continued to evaluate how we can continue the ultra-high support experience our Enterprise customers have come to rely on, while expanding support to other users. This expanded product portfolio allows us to do both.

The Finer Details of the New Portfolio

For both Riak and Riak CS, we now offer four levels of service: Starter, Basic, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. All of these options combine the built-in benefits of open source Riak and Riak CS with Basho engineering support, providing access to our global team of Client Services Engineers for assistance.

All tiers offer online ticket tracking for issues and Enterprise and Enterprise Plus also offer emergency patches. SLAs are available for guaranteed ticket response by a Basho engineer:

  • 12-hour guarantee for Starter
  • 1-hour guarantee for Basic
  • 30-minute guarantee for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus
  • Enterprise and Enterprise Plus also offer a continuous support availability option during customer special events

Finally, as with Riak Enterprise and Riak CS Enterprise in the past, both Enterprise and Enterprise Plus include Multi-Datacenter Replication (which also enables cluster-to-cluster replication for secondary workloads), reduced replicas at secondary sites for more efficient storage, and SNMP and JMX Support. Enterprise Plus adds a Basho baseline and annual health check, which provides added Basho assurance and ensures long-term platform stability and performance. All Enterprise offerings include a commercial license – providing more flexible permitted usage.

Contact us to get started with these new Riak and Riak CS product tiers.


Basho Expands Product Portfolio for Riak to Meet the Needs of its Rapidly Growing Global User Base

CAMBRIDGE, MA – January 14, 2014Basho today announced the expansion of its product portfolio to meet the needs of the rapidly growing user communities surrounding both Riak, the industry leading distributed NoSQL database, and Riak CS, Basho’s fast growing cloud storage software. Since the launch of Riak 1.0 in 2011, Basho has grown to serve over one-third of the Fortune 50 and many of the world’s most popular brands.

Basho’s expanded Product Portfolio includes the following offerings:

  • The introduction of Riak Starter and Riak Basic providing Basho engineering and customer support for users of its Apache 2-licensed open source product. Starting at $2,800 per node/year, Riak Starter provides a new, low-cost entry point for Riak users to gain access to Basho’s support engineers. At $4,400 per node/year, Riak Basic provides enterprise-class, 24×7 support to open source users not requiring the benefits provided by Riak Enterprise or Riak CS Enterprise, Basho’s commercial software.
  • Riak Enterprise, Basho’s flagship distributed database software, will continue to offer additional enterprise-class features, such as multi-datacenter replication, combined with 24×7 support, and wrapped in Basho’s commercial license offering flexible permitted usage and ultra-high service levels. Our Riak Enterprise SLA for urgent tickets improves from 1-hour guarantee to 30 minutes in 2014. As a scale-out, multi-datacenter database, volume discounts are available.
  • Riak CS Enterprise, Basho’s flagship distributed cloud storage software, will continue to offer additional enterprise-class features, such as multi-datacenter replication, combined with 24×7 support, and wrapped in Basho’s commercial license with flexible permitted usage and high service levels. Our Riak CS Enterprise SLA for urgent tickets improves from 1-hour guarantee to 30 minutes in 2014. As a scale-out, multi-datacenter database, volume discounts are available.
  • The introduction of Riak Enterprise Plus and Riak CS Enterprise Plus integrates a baseline and annual system health check with a Riak Enterprise or Riak CS Enterprise license, providing an added assurance from Basho and ensuring long-term platform stability and performance.
  • The introduction of Riak Test Drive and Riak CS Test Drive – pre-packaged solutions offering Basho Professional Services for initial design and, with a 6-month Riak developers-node option, to assist new users in pre-production phases with on-site and continuous support.

“Our portfolio expansion is a significant response to serve the diverse needs of a rapidly growing Riak user community,” commented Bobby Patrick, Executive Vice President and CMO at Basho. “We are excited to expand our ability to offer Basho’s world-class customer support to a new segment of Riak open source users. These new offerings allow Basho to allocate resources to serve a broader variety of customer support needs, while simultaneously enhancing our support capacity to ensure the highest levels of quality and responsiveness to our Riak Enterprise and Riak CS Enterprise customers, many of whom run revenue and service-critical platforms and applications in production today that depend on Riak.”

Additional Pricing Information

Basho’s expanded subscription pricing for Riak Starter, Riak Basic, Riak Enterprise, and Riak Enterprise Plus is available on the Basho site. In addition, Basho also offers perpetual licensing options and reduced prices for developer-only nodes. Basho Professional Services offers additional services, including developer and operations training, Riak health checks, and custom engagement services.

Update on Riak 2.0

Basho anticipates the general availability of Riak 2.0 within the next 75 days. All Basho customers will have immediate access to customer support and Riak 2.0 software code at that time, subject to the support terms of their product tier. For more information on Riak 2.0, visit our blog: basho.com/introducing-riak-2-0/.