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Conversations with Puppet Labs Podcast

January 9, 2014

Puppet Labs hosts regular podcasts that feature the leaders in automation, operations, and technology. Last week, they invited Basho engineer, Eric Redmond, to speak about design patterns for distributed systems.

Eric’s talk aims to show that an average programmer can create a highly available system in any language. He also discusses many of the tradeoffs involved in implementing some of these different distributed design patterns, including speed, capacity, uptime and data integrity. Finally, he wraps up by talking about Riak as a distributed system that persists data rather than a database that has been given distributed functionality and looks at some of the upcoming features being added with Riak 2.0.

You can listen to Eric’s full podcast here.

For more information on design patterns for distributed systems, you can check out slides from his full presentation at OSCON 2013.


Think Distributed: Episode 2

September 11, 2013

The second episode of Think Distributed, a podcast focused on distributed systems, is now available. This episode discusses causality, vector clocks, version vectors, and CRDTs.

This episode’s panelists are:

In addition to participating on this panel, Peter Bailis will be speaking at RICON West, Basho’s distributed systems conference. His talk, “Bad As I Wanna Be: Coordination and Consistency in Distributed Databases” will discuss how to reason about the trade-offs between coordination, consistency, latency, and availability, with a focus on practical takeaways from recent research both at Berkeley and beyond. RICON West will take place in San Francisco from October 29-30th. Tickets are still available here: ricon-west-2013.eventbrite.com/

You can listen to both this Causality episode and the Consensus episode at thinkdistributed.io


Think Distributed Podcast

July 18, 2013

If you’re interested in learning more about distributed systems, check out Think Distributed, a new podcast by Basho Software Engineer, Chris Meiklejohn. This podcast aims to deal with all aspects of distributed systems and will bring in panelists from many different areas.

The first episode is now available and discusses the problem of consensus in distributed computing – with a focus on the Raft algorithm developed by Diego Ongaro and John Ousterhout at Stanford University.

This episode’s panelists are:

If you’re interested in hearing more on consensus and the Raft algorithm, Diego Ongaro will also be speaking at RICON West, Basho’s distributed systems conference.

Check out the full episode and sign up on the site to be notified of new episodes.


Riak Community Release Notes

May 9, 2012

Today I am excited to introduce a new piece of infrastructure to the Riak Community on which we’ve been working: Riak Community Release Notes.

Much like codebases grow and evolve, so does a community and its accomplishments. Why not present and chronicle the community in the same way you would a piece of code? The Riak Community Release Notes are an attempt to do just that.

Each month, we’ll tag and release a new “version” of the Riak Community. The most recent (and first official) release is v0.2. Each release will represent the evolution of the Community as demonstrated by our collective work and activity. For example:

My hope is that this will grow into a collaborative effort to track the trajectory of Riak and our user community. It looks somewhat like the Riak Recap, but I think it’ll extend and surpass it in a lot of ways. Most importantly, it’s an experiment, and I’m looking forward to how it evolves. Pull requests, feedback, and criticisms are welcomed.

Thanks for being a part of Riak.


Planning for Eventual Consistency

May 14, 2010

You may remember that last week, we recorded a podcast with Benjamin Black all about the immense variety of databases in the NoSQL space and what your criteria should be when choosing one.

If you listened carefully, you may also remember that Benjamin and Justin Sheehy started to discuss eventual consistency. We decided to roll that into its own podcast as we thought it was a topic worthy of its own episode.

Think there are only a certain subset of databases that are “eventually consistent”? Think again. Regardless of the database you choose, eventual consistency is something you should embrace and plan for, not fear.

Listen, Learn, and Enjoy – –


If you are having problems getting the podcast to play, click here to play in new window or right click to download the podcast.

NoSQL and Endless Variety

A Conversation about Variety and Making Choices

Benjamin Black stopped by the Basho offices recently and we had the chance to sit him down and discuss the collection of things that is “NoSQL.”

In this, the fifth installment of the Basho Riak Podcast, Benjamin and Basho’s CTO Justin Sheehy discuss the factors that they think should play the largest part in your evaluation of any database, NoSQL or otherwise. (Hint: it’s not name recognition.)

Highlights include why and when you might be best served improving your relational database architecture and when it might be better to use a NoSQL system like Cassandra or Riak to solve part of your problem, as well as why you probably don’t want to figure out which one of the NoSQL systems solves all of your problems.



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The Release of the Riak Wiki and the Fourth Basho Podcast

March 12, 2010

We are moving at warp speed here at Basho and today we are releasing what we feel is a very important enhancement to Riak: a wiki.

You can find it here:


Documentation and resources are a main priority right now for Basho, and a well maintained and up-to-date wiki is something we see as critical. Our goal is to make Riak simple and intuitive to download, build, program against, and build apps on. So, you should expect a lot more from us in this regard. Also, we still have much to add to the Riak Wiki, so if you think we are missing a resource or some documentation that makes Riak easier to use and learn about, please tell us.

Secondly, we had the chance to record the fourth installment of the Basho Riak podcast (below), and it was a good one. We hooked up with Tim Anglade, CTO of GemKitty and a growing authority on the NoSQL space. On the heels of his presentation at NoSQL Live from Boston, we picked his brain a bit about where he thinks the industry is going and what needs to change for the current iteration of NoSQL to go from being a fad and curiosity to a full fledged industry.

According to Tim, “We have an image problem right now with NoSQL as a brand,” and “NoSQL is over-hyped and the projects behind it are under-hyped.”

We also took a few minutes to talk about the Riak 0.9.1 release. Highlights include binary builds, as well as several new client libraries that expose all of Riak’s advanced features.

In short, if you are at all interested in the future of the NoSQL space, you’re not going to want to miss this.

Lastly, if you haven’t already done so, go download the latest version of Riak.



Basho Podcast Three – An Introduction To Innostore

February 2, 2010

You may remember that Basho recently open-sourced Innostore, our standalone Erlang application that provides a simple interface to embedded InnoDB…

In this podcast, Dave “Dizzy” Smith and Justin Sheehy discuss the release of Innostore, why we built it, how we use it in Riak, and why it might be useful for other Erlang projects. The discussion focuses on the stability and predictability of InnoDB, especially under load and as compared with other storage backends like DETS.

And of course, go download Innostore when you are done with the podcast.



If you are having problems getting the podcast to play, click here to play in new window or right click to download the podcast.

Basho Podcast Two – An Introduction to erlang_js

January 19, 2010

Check out the new Basho podcast featuring Kevin Smith and Bryan Fink that discusses erlang_js, a simple and easy-to-use binding between Erlang and JavaScript. It is packaged as an OTP application so developers can easily embed Javascript inside their own applications.

Once you are done with the podcast, go download erlang_js.


Mark Phillips

Right click here to download the Podcast

Basho Podcast Number 1 – Justin Sheehy and Tony Falco on Scaling out with Riak and Riak Search

December 11, 2009

Just out: Basho’s first podcast discussing Riak. Justin Sheehy and Tony Falco revisit the definition of scalability Justin first discussed at NoSQL East 2009, discuss EC2, Riak, and Riak’s map/reduce and soon-to-be-released distributed search and indexing. As a special bonus, at 3:24 in the podcast, listen for the sound of Kevin Smith’s SMS accepting the job at Basho. The mic did not pick up Justin’s grimace. Of course, he didn’t miss a beat. “I just did, Bob….”


Mark Phillips

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