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Basho Events in November

November 6, 2013

RICON West may be over, but we still have a few major conferences and events to wrap up before the year is up. Here are some of the highlights of where we’ll be in November.

OpenStack Summit: The OpenStack Summit will bring together key technical minds to discuss the future of cloud computing. This Summit will feature case studies, workshops, and technical sessions for both cloud operators and developers. Basho engineer, Eric Redmond, will be on-site to answer any questions about Riak CS and OpenStack. The OpenStack Summit will take place in Hong Kong from November 5-8th.

Build a Cloud Days: Build a Cloud Days helps attendees deploy a cloud computing environment using CloudStack and other cloud infrastructure tools. Basho consulting engineer, John Burwell, will present on private cloud design principles and best practices. It will take place on November 8th in Washington DC.

QCon: Basho is a proud sponsor of QCon San Francisco, which will take place November 11-13th. Basho technical evangelist, Tom Santero, will discuss the benefits and challenges of working on distributed teams in his talk, “Making Virtual and Remote Teams Shine.” Basho will also have a booth set up to answer any questions about Riak or Riak CS.

AWS re:Invent: Basho is a gold sponsor of AWS re:Invent, the largest gathering of developers and technical leaders from the AWS community. Bryson Koehler, CIO of The Weather Company, will be speaking about how The Weather Company uses Riak in his session, “How the Weather Company Monetizes Weather, the Original Big Data Challenge.” Basho will also be available at the booth to discuss Riak or Riak CS. AWS re:Invent will take place in Las Vegas from November 12-15th.

For a full list of where we’ll be for the rest of the year, check out the Events Page.


Help us Present at OpenStack Summit

August 19, 2013

The OpenStack Summit takes place in Hong Kong from November 5-8th. It is a conference for developers, users, and administrators of OpenStack Cloud Software. Basho is a big supporter of the open source community and, with the added OpenStack integration available with Riak CS 1.4, we aim to make our open source cloud storage software as accessible as possible.

This OpenStack integration adds a lot of exciting possibilities to Riak CS. A few Basho engineers have submitted speaking proposals to OpenStack Summit about how the two technologies can work together.

We need your help though! Part of the presentation selection process involves community voting. You can vote for your favorites now through August 25th.

Here’s a look at our submissions. Please vote for any or all of them.

“Riak CS: Coexisting with Swift” – Casey Rosenthal
Vote Here: www.openstack.org/rate/Presentation/riakcs-coexisting-with-swift
Riak CS is an open source, fault-tolerant, large object storage platform. With Keystone integration and Swift-API compatibility made available in version 1.4, Riak CS can now serve as a drop-in replacement to Swift in many deployments. When would you want to choose one versus the other?

Explore the architecture underlying Riak CS, the problems that Riak CS is trying to solve, and how these goals contrast with the architecture of Swift. OpenStack integration is a key driver for Riak CS adoption and is now part of the core commitment of the Riak CS team to open source and enterprise users alike. Learn how Riak CS is coexisting with Swift in the OpenStack ecosystem to solve large object storage and scaling problems.

“Highly Scalable Global Keystone Token Storage using Riak” – Dean Proctor
Vote Here: www.openstack.org/rate/Presentation/highly-scalable-global-keystone-token-storage-using-riak
Concurrent requests to Keystone scale with your OpenStack deployment; however, simple methods for linearly scaling Keystone request capacity do not currently exist. This issue is compounded when you attempt to unify authentication across multi-datacenter installations.

Learn how the Riak key value store can be used to provide an operationally simple, linearly scalable Keystone service with the ability to sync globally in real time.

“Using Riak CS as a Backend for Glance” – James Martin
Vote Here: www.openstack.org/rate/Presentation/using-riakcs-as-a-backend-for-glance
Glance can use a number of different methods to store VM images and snapshots, including object-stores. The image object store’s availability is critical to the functionality of OpenStack’s Nova service, and as time goes by it’s going to grow massively in scale; let’s not forget to mention how complex it can be to manage such as system. And for those interested in consistency across their OpenStack deployments, maintaining and replicating images can be a painful process. Learn how to use Riak CS as the storage backend for Glance and gain all the benefits of Riak – horizontal scalability, ease of administration, and dead-simple multi-datacenter replication.