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Basho Events in April

April 7, 2014

This month, it’s all about developer conferences – both local and international. If you’re in the area, come and say hi. We always love to chat Riak and can answer any questions you may have. If you aren’t going to be at any of these events, check out the Riak Mailing List for questions or Contact Us to help get started with Riak.

Here is a look at where we’ll be this month.

PyCon 2014: On the Wednesday (April 9th) of PyCon 2014, Basho Technical Evangelist, Tom Santero, will host a free workshop on “Building Applications on Riak,” starting at 1:30pm. PyCon takes place April 9-17 in Montreal, Canada.

ChefConf 2014: Basho will be attending ChefConf and our technical evangelists will be available to answer any Riak questions you may have. ChefConf 2014 takes place April 15-17 in San Francisco, CA.

CRAFT Conference: Basho is a proud sponsor of CRAFT Conference, which takes place April 23-25 in Budapest, Hungary. We will have a booth setup so stop by to grab some great swag and chat Riak.

NoSQL Matters: At NoSQL Matters: Cologne, Basho Technical Evangelist, Joel Jacobson, will present on “CRDTs in Riak,” one of the new features available with Riak 2.0. His talk will take place at 12:30pm on April 30th. NoSQL Matters: Cologne takes place April 29-30 in Cologne, Germany.

For a full list of where we’ll be, both in April and beyond, visit our Events Page.


Upcoming Basho Events – April

April 23, 2013

During the rest of April, Basho will be speaking and sponsoring events around the United States and internationally. If you want to meet up with a Basho team member at one of these events, contact us to set up a time, or send us a note on Twitter. Below are some of the highlights:

NY Tech Day: Basho will be exhibiting at NY Tech Day (April 25) in New York, a massive science fair where entrepreneurs can exhibit their startups to thousands of consumers, investors, first adopters, job seekers, major companies, press and media.

NoSQL Matters: Basho is sponsoring NoSQL Matters (April 26-27) in Cologne, Germany. Additionally, Basho engineers, Sean Cribbs and Eric Redmond, will be speaking about Riak Technologies.

RailsConf: Basho will be attending RailsConf (April 29-May 2) in Portland. It is the largest gathering of Rails developers (and most of the time, Rubyists) in the world, drawing world-class developers and companies together to see the state of the art in Rails and web development.

Meetups: This month, we are hosting meetups in Atlanta at Atlanta Tech Village on April 23rd and in Portland on the 29th at NedSpace.

Sponsored Events: Basho will be sponsoring Railsberry in Krakow, Poland (April 23-24), GOTO Chicago in Chicago (April 23-24), and ChefConf in San Francisco (April 24-26).

We hope to see you at one of these events! For a full list of events this month and in upcoming months, visit our Events Page.


Basho's European Conference Schedule

May 22, 2012

A handful of the Basho team are descending on Europe, attending and speaking at various conferences and meetups, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet and mingle with the growing European Riak community.

Here’s the full list of places and events where we’ll be. If you will be at any of these events and want to talk Riak, we want to hear from you! Send us a tweet or email Tom at tsantero@basho.com

GOTO Copenhagen

May 21-23

GOTO Copenhagen began yesterday and runs through May 23. The GOTO conference series are international events put on for, and by, software developers. This year’s theme is “Real Stories from Real People” and attendees can expect to learn about solving real life problems form real life experiences from a number of leading experts and authors.

Put these talks in your calendar:

Basho will also have a booth on the exhibition floor. Be sure to stop by in between talks to chat with Ian or Tom about Riak, distributed systems or your favorite fancy cocktail.

GOTO Amsterdam

May 24-25

GOTO is on a roll this year, with two European conferences scheduled back to back. GOTO Amsterdam is hosted at Beurs van Berlage. For a two day conferences, the list of speakers is quite impressive so kudos to the GOTO Program Advisory Board for putting this one together.

In addition to a booth on the exhibition floor, Andy Gross will deliver the following talk that cannot be missed:

Be sure to corner [Andy](https://twitter.com/#!/argv0) or [Tom](https://twitter.com/#!/tsantero) in between sessions and ask them hard questions about Riak.

### NoSQL Matters

**May 29-30**

Basho’s [Tom Santero](https://twitter.com/#!/tsantero) will be attending [NoSQL Matters](http://www.nosql-matters.org/) set to take place in Cologne, Germany. This is a brand new conference, and we have very high expectations for success considering the caliber of [speakers](http://www.nosql-matters.org/speakers/) on deck.

If you’re in attendance, be sure not to miss these talks from members of the Riak community:

* [Designing for Concurrency with Riak](http://www.nosql-matters.org/agenda/) – Mathias Meyer
* [Theoretical Aspects of Distributed Systems, Playfully Illustrated](http://www.nosql-matters.org/agenda/) – Pavlo Baron

### Erlang User Conference

**May 28 – June 1**

Stockholm plays host to this year’s [Erlang User Conference](http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/ErlangUserConference2012). The events put on by Erlang Solutions are usually exceptional, and Basho will be well represented this year.

The conference itself last for two days, Monday and Tuesday, followed by a day of tutorials on Wednesday and then wrapped up with two days of workshops on Thursday and Friday.

We’ll be delivering the following talks:

* [Sweden's Next Top NoSQL Data Model](http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/ErlangUserConference2012/speakers/IanPlosker) – Ian Plosker
* [Innovation: What Every Developer Absolutely Needs To Know](http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/ErlangUserConference2012/speakers/SteveVinoski) – Steve Vinoski

Basho’s VP of Engineering, [Dizzy Smith](https://twitter.com/#!/dizzyd), will host a [tutorial](http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/ErlangUserConference2012/speakers/DizzySmith) demonstrating [Rebar](https://github.com/basho/rebar), an open-source build-system for Erlang/OTP applications.

[Ian Plosker](https://twitter.com/#!/dstroyallmodels) will be running a two day class on
[Building distributed clusters with Riak](http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/ErlangUserConference2012/university/RiakTraining). Everyone who attends will walk away with a very clear understanding of just why Riak is the best distributed database you will ever run in production.

### London Riak Meetup

**May 30**

Basho is pleased to announce that Ian Plosker will be hosting the [Inaugural London Riak Meetup](http://www.meetup.com/riak-london/events/62061262/).

This first meetup in London will feature a talk by Basho’s VP of Engineering, [Dizzy Smith](https://twitter.com/#!/dizzyd) and is hosted in Google’s new [co-working space](http://www.campuslondon.com/).

If you’re in or around London on May 30, missing this is not optional.

*Don’t forget to [RSVP](http://www.meetup.com/riak-london/events/62061262/).*

### EuRuKo

**June 1-2**

[EuRuKo](http://www.euruko2012.org/) is an annual Ruby conference hosted in Amsterdam. All attendees can expect a killer [venue](http://www.euruko2012.org/#venue), awesome [lineup of speakers](http://www.euruko2012.org/#speakers) and a fancy Boat Party sponsored by GitHub.

[Sean Cribbs](https://twitter.com/#!/seancribbs) will give a talk titled *A Case of Accidental Concurrency* – if you haven’t been lucky enough to hear Sean speak in person before, than you’re in for a real treat.

### Berlin Buzzwords

**June 4-5**

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll be at [Berlin Buzzwords](http://berlinbuzzwords.de/) for two days of [brilliant technologists](http://berlinbuzzwords.de/speakers), [hackathons](http://berlinbuzzwords.de/wiki/hackathons) and training.
The theme of this conference is “search”, “store” and “scale”, our natural habitat so to speak.

You’ll get to hear form the Basho team:

* [Germany's Next Top Data Model](http://berlinbuzzwords.de/sessions/germanys-next-top-data-model) – Ian Plosker
* [Eventually Consistent Data Structures](http://berlinbuzzwords.de/sessions/eventually-consistent-data-structures) – Sean Cribbs

As well as the Riak community:

* [From Hand to Mouth](http://berlinbuzzwords.de/sessions/hand-mouth) – Pavlo Baron