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Basho Podcast Number 1 – Justin Sheehy and Tony Falco on Scaling out with Riak and Riak Search

December 11, 2009

Just out: Basho’s first podcast discussing Riak. Justin Sheehy and Tony Falco revisit the definition of scalability Justin first discussed at NoSQL East 2009, discuss EC2, Riak, and Riak’s map/reduce and soon-to-be-released distributed search and indexing. As a special bonus, at 3:24 in the podcast, listen for the sound of Kevin Smith’s SMS accepting the job at Basho. The mic did not pick up Justin’s grimace. Of course, he didn’t miss a beat. “I just did, Bob….”


Mark Phillips

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Justin Sheehy's Presentation at NoSQL East Now Available for Viewing

November 18, 2009

Thanks to the hardwork of Brad Anderson and the rest of the NoSQL East organizers, Justin Sheehy’s presentation is now online and ready to be consumed. You can check it out here: http://bit.ly/2wDhWs

Justin spends a little time discussing Riak and then quickly moves on to a discussion of first principles.

Justin’s presentation stands on its own but it is worth pointing out: terms like “scalable” and “distributed” and “fault tolerant” are not marketing terms. Applied rigorously, the principles underlying them (a hat tip to folks like Brewer, Lewin/Leighton/Karger et. al.) lead to game-changing software.

Building truly decentralized systems requires discipline. Shortcuts for premature optimization ultimately lead to a dead end.


Tony Falco

NoSQL East 2009 kicked off last night at Tap


October 29, 2009

NoSQL East 2009 kicked of last night at Tap, a great venue in midtown Atlanta. We met some of the organizers — Chris Williams and Brad Anderson — who in addition to trying to stoke some controversy and seed some passion, seemed eager to show us all the delights Atlanta has to offer — all honorable goals for a host. We visited with people from Rackspace, a developer from DC who flew himself down on his own dime to see what NoSQL was about, the CEO of Neo. Everyone seemed to agree: there is a ton of opportunity for alt db’s and the world is changing away from monolithic, one-size-tries-but-fails-to-fit-all databases to situationally driven use cases. We’ll see if the fellowship continues when the beer stops flowing but I suspect the market will have much more of a say: with all these choices, the developers are the ones who are empowered.

Justin Sheehy, our CTO, will be speaking soon. Today should give us lots to report.


Tony Falco