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NHS Implements Riak to Improve Performance and Patient Care

October 8, 2013

Riak is built to handle critical data. Its design tenets of high availability, fault-tolerance, and scalability ensure that you will always have access to this critical data, no matter what happens behind the scenes, and that you can quickly grow to store it all, no matter what. This makes it an ideal fit for many industries, including healthcare. It’s also why the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK has selected Riak for its IT backbone.

To help drive efficiency and care improvements throughout the UK, the NHS created Spine1 as its centralized database of all patient health and prescription data. Through this innovation, critical patient information was always accessible and protected. However, the original Spine1 infrastructure required over 2,000 staff and was supported by 1,000 servers, which meant this system was pricey for the publicly funded NHS.

Over the past two years, the NHS has worked to revamp this database to be more cost-effective. They opted to move the system to Basho’s Riak and created Spine2. With Spine2, the NHS is able to not only cut costs, but also improve the performance and reliability of the system overall. Spine2 is planned to go live in early 2014.

In the healthcare space, The Danish Health and Medicines Authority also use Riak as the backend for their national health record system. Its high availability ensures that key patient information is always available, which can be life saving in many cases. Additionally, its ease-of-scale allows for governments or private companies to quickly add capacity as needed, without paying for unnecessary space.

For more information about Basho and the NHS, check out the full release.


NHS to Deploy Riak for New IT Backbone With Quality of Care Improvements in Sight

Basho’s Riak distributed database supports development of Spine2; will improve performance and patient care

London, 8 October 2013 – Basho has today announced that it is working with the National Health Service (NHS) to develop the new Spine2 database, which is supported by Basho’s distributed database Riak.

The NHS set tough goals to drive efficiency and care improvements through the innovative use of technology and over the past two years has been focusing efforts on revamping the NHS’ Spine1 database, a critical UK healthcare system.

At its peak, Spine1 was managed by over 2,000 staff and was supported by 1,000 servers. The NHS decided to radically rethink the Spine computer by starting small and staying small while at the same time improving the performance and reliability of the system, along with its support of the care process.

The NHS chose Basho’s Riak as the backbone of the new Spine2 project to develop a more flexible and resilient solution. With Riak, the NHS developers will be able to make changes to Spine2 without needing burdensome and expensive systems integrators. This will dramatically cut down the time taken to implement new features dramatically and positively impacting patient care.

Inspired by the Danish Health Authority, which has already set up an agile, national record system based on the Riak database, the NHS had confidence that Basho’s database would be suitable for its needs. The Spine2 project is currently in the last phases of testing and is due to go live in early 2014.

“In the healthcare industry, keeping costs low and simultaneously improving the level of care are critical requirements,” said Greg Collins, CEO at Basho Technologies. “As medical information becomes digital, government health organisations need IT capabilities that provide uninterrupted, reliable access to critical, life-saving information. Riak’s built-in resiliency and predictable scalability are two important features that directly benefit the NHS and the citizens of the United Kingdom. Basho is very excited to be working with the NHS on such a revolutionary, world leading project.”

About Basho Technologies
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