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“Riak for Games” at the Game Developers Conference

March 17, 2014

This week is the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. GDC is the largest, professionals-only game industry events and brings together programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers, and more to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry. Basho is a proud sponsor of GDC and this is our second year speaking and exhibiting at the event.

On Thursday, March 20th, join us for the session, “Riak for Games,” presented by Quark Games and Basho. The talk will be about database choices, mistakes, successes, and lessons learned by the presenters: Eric Liaw and Seth Thomas. Eric, Co-Founder at Quark Games, will give insight from five years of mobile game development. Seth, Technical Evangelist at Basho Technologies, will give insight from his time at Vigil and SOE, as well as success stories from current Riak customers. Their talk will be at 11:30am in Room 3020, West Hall.

In addition to this session, Basho will also be exhibiting. Be sure and stop by our booth to talk Riak and pick up some great swag.

Riak is an ideal solution for many gaming use cases, including storing session data, player stats, and user profile information. For more information on how companies like Rovio, Riot Games, Hibernum, and Mochi Media use Riak, check out our Riak Users Page. To learn more about why Riak is a fit for gaming, download our whitepaper, “Riak on Gaming.”


Resources for Gaming Platforms and Applications

June 6, 2013

For gaming platforms and applications, Riak can be the ideal data solution. Its scalability allows for rapid growth of player data, the low-latency design allows for a fast and reliable experience for players all over the world, and its flexible data model means there are no restrictions on content type and no need to change the underlying schema.

To see if Riak is a fit for your gaming use case, we have put together a number of resources that showcase how Riak is solving gaming data challenges across multiple companies. Below are some highlights:

For a complete list of resources, visit our Resources Page.


Spotlight: Riak for Retail, Advertising, Mobile, and Gaming

March 25, 2013

We have a few new pages on our site to help you start building retail, advertising, mobile, or gaming apps and services on Riak. On each of these pages, you will find industry use cases for Riak, relevant case studies from companies already using it in production, and information on Riak’s key/value model and querying features. Here’s a quick overview:


Riak lets retailers provide always-on, highly scalable eCommerce and mobile services. Retail use cases for Riak include:

  • Shopping carts
  • Product catalogs
  • Mobile applications/sites

The retail page also looks at how Best Buy, ideeli, and Copious use Riak. For more details, visit the Retail Users Page.


Advertisers need to serve data reliably and quickly. Common ways advertisers leverage Riak include:

  • Serving ad content
  • Session storage
  • Mobile experiences

OpenX and Velti are two examples of advertisers using Riak. For more details, visit the Advertising Users Page.


Riak provides the scalable, small object storage required by mobile applications and platforms. Riak can be used for many different mobile needs, including:

  • User and session data storage
  • Text and multimedia storage
  • Social authentication

The mobile page also highlights case studies from popular applications Bump and Voxer. For more details, visit the Mobile Users Page.


Gaming platforms and applications benefit from Riak’s scale-out, low-latency design, and flexible storage capabilities. Some common use cases include:

  • Player data
  • Session data
  • Social information
  • Gaming assets

This page looks at some gaming companies using Riak, including Kiip, Mochi Media, and Hibernum, and why they chose Riak. For more details, visit the Gaming Users Page.

You can find user stories from other industries here. And make sure to sign up for our Introduction to Riak webcast, tomorrow at 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET.


Great Customers Make Great Products

December 15, 2009

At Basho, we’re a very lucky bunch of people.

The first paying customer for the Enterprise edition of Riak was Mochi Media. They first rolled it out on a low-profile system. I won’t lie to you by saying that everything was perfect; any interesting piece of software will show its warts the first time it is placed into an unforeseen environment. The people at Mochi were open, communicative, and interested in learning more about how Riak worked. As they became comfortable with its behavior operationally and under load, they put it into bigger and more business-critical applications. Those first experiences with Mochi helped us to reprioritize our early to-do list to best serve others like them, and we also gained a valuable advisor.

We’ve signed a few great customers since then, and the latest such is Collecta. Long before they started using our product inside their search service we were having great conversations with them about their use of Webmachine and other topics. Jack already told the story about the genesis of Riak Search better than I can, so you should read his account of it. Both the ideas and the very concrete problem set posed by Collecta gave John exactly what was needed to focus the project and deliver something really cool.

An important part of building a business around open source software is that it isn’t just customers that care about the quality of your work. In addition to the valuable experiences we have had with customers, direct open source contributions have made a big difference as well. Since shortly after we first released Riak under the Apache 2 license, we have received valuable improvements in code, documentation, and ideas from people around the world. A few of those have become customers since then, but we are also deeply grateful to all of the others. We hope for Riak to thrive in various open source contexts, and it is because of those people that we are hopeful.

We’re working this week with a potential new customer that wants to store and process terabytes of data in a single Riak cluster, and in a very visible public-facing system. Just like with Mochi and Collecta, the fact that we are talking to some very smart, capable people makes our job a pleasure even in the face of interesting new challenges — perhaps especially then.

We really are lucky to work with such excellent people.

Thank you to the customers of Basho and everyone else who has helped us so far on the road of continuous improvement.


Bob Ippolito joins Advisory Board of Basho Technologies, Inc.

Mochi Media Deploys Basho’s Riak™ Distributed Data Store To Become Charter Riak Customer.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Oct. 29 – Basho Technologies, Inc. (www.basho.com) today announced that Bob Ippolito, CTO and co-founder of Mochi Media, the largest online games network, has joined the Advisory Board of Basho Technologies, Inc. Bob is a respected Silicon Valley developer and entrepreneur, author of the popular MochiKit Javascript framework, the MochiWeb web server, and long time open source contributor to the Python programming language. As an Advisory Board member of Basho, Bob will help guide the continued development of Basho’s Riak and its RiakEnterpriseDS to ensure it meets the rapidly changing data store needs of the application development community world wide.

Ippolito joined the Advisory Board after deploying Basho’s Riak at Mochi Media to provide reliable storage for Mochi Media’s developer API. With this deployment, Mochi Media becomes a charter paying customer of Basho’s Riak, an Internet-scale distributed data store.

“Bob is a well known and respected force throughout the open source developer community,” said Earl Galleher, Chairman and CEO of Basho Technologies, Inc. “Having Bob join with us will help ensure the Riak Internet-scale, distributed data store effectively addresses the shortcomings of relational and non-relational databases as use profiles of web-enabled enterprise applications and those on the open Internet dramatically change and grow.”

To help ensure Basho succeeds in establishing its market leadership position, Tony, Andy and Justin joined with Earl Galleher, Series A investor and former Executive Vice President of Sales, Service and Marketing of Akamai Technologies, Inc. from its inception in late 1998 through mid-2001, and President of the highly successful Web Site Management Services Division of Digex from its inception in 1996 through late 1998. At both Digex and Akamai, Earl and Tony helped establish new market categories: corporate web site management services (Digex:1996), and Internet content distribution network services (Akamai:1999). With Basho, this proven team of category builders look forward to building one of the world’s great distributed data store technology companies.

About Basho Technologies

Basho Technologies, Inc., founded in January 2008 by a core group of software architects, engineers and executive leadership from Akamai Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM) is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Basho produces Riak, a distributed data store that combines high availability, easily-scalable capacity and throughput, and ease of use. Riak’s high availability data store means that applications built using Riak remain both read and write available under almost any operational conditions and without requiring intervention. Available in both an open source and a paid commercial version, Riak provides unprecedented read- and write-availability to web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

About Mochi Media

Mochi Media is the world’s largest online game network, serving the needs of thousands of Flash developers, reaching over 100 million unique users each month with a library of over 14,000 games, and enabling advertisers to reach engaged consumers with targeted display, text, and video ads. The company’s Flash game development products and services provide developers with tools to track distribution and usage analytics, enable version control and live updates to distributed games, and provide monetization via micro-transactions and real-time insertion of pre-game and in-game ads. Mochi Media’s developers gain distribution opportunities to over 30,000 Web sites, as well as monetization opportunities by sharing in the ad and micro-transaction revenue generated by their games. Mochi Media is headquartered in downtown San Francisco.

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CEO, Basho Technologies, Inc.