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Yokozuna Pre-release 0.3.0 Now Available

February 4, 2013

Today I’m happy to announce the 3rd pre-release of Yokozuna. It’s light on new features but has some good performance improvements and added robustness. Here are the highlights:

  • Allow store/retrieval of schemas via HTTP.
  • Upgrade to Solr 4.1.0 and the latest Riak.
  • Improve write/index throughput by disabling Solr’s “realtime get” and switching from XML update to JSON.
  • Added robustness around AAE and default index creation.
  • Listen on ‘solr//select’ to more easily work with existing clients out of the box.

To see all changes read the full release notes. Like the last two releases, an AMI has been made, see the EC2 doc for more info.

New for this release is the addition of a source package. I hope this might encourage those who are scared off by the process of building from git to give Riak/Yokozuna a try. These four steps below will produce a ready-to-run node under ‘rel/riak’.

wget http://s3.amazonaws.com/yzami/pkgs/src/riak-yokozuna-0.3.0-src.tar.gz
tar zxvf riak-yokozuna-0.3.0-src.tar.gz
cd riak-yokozuna-0.3.0-src
make stage

Ryan Zezeski

Lineup and Location for September Riak Meetup

September 9, 2010

At long last we have all the details ironed out for the upcoming September Riak Meetup in San Francisco. The crew here in SF is quite excited about this month’s event, and here’s why:

Date: Thursday, Sept. 23rd

Time: 7-9

Location: Engine Yard Offices, located at 500 Third Street, Suite 510


  • 7:15 – Riak Basics

    After the first meetup, one of the attendees remarked, “Good, but looking for some basics and some hands on demo as well.” Admittedly, this is something we could have addressed a bit better. So at the beginning of this meetup (as well as all meetups moving forward) we are going to devote at least 15 minutes to discuss Riak basics. There are no stupid questions. Ask away.

  • 7:30 – Riak vs Git: NOSQL Battle Royale

    Presenter: Rick Olson, Github

    This talk will compare and contrast Riak and Git on their merits as key/value stores, and look at how the two can work together.

  • 8:00 – From Riak to RabbitMQ

    Presenter: Andy Gross, Basho Technologies

    This will cover using Riak to publish to RabbitMQ using post-commit hooks and gen_bunny.

  • 8:30 – General Riak/Distributed Systems Conversation and Networking

Note: There is only seating for 50, so you’ll want to get there on time to secure a seat.

Basho will be providing food (pizza) and refreshments (beer, soda, etc.). And for those of you who can’t join us next Thursday, I will also be filming the talks with the goal of posting them online if everything goes to plan.

You can RSVP on the Riak Meetup Page. So go do it. Now!

Hope to see you there.