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Hangouts with Basho

January 29, 2014

On Fridays, Basho hosts a Hangout to discuss various topics related to Riak and distributed systems. While Basho evangelists and engineers lead these live Hangouts, they also bring in experts from various other companies, including Kyle Kingsbury (Fatcual), Jeremiah Peschka (Brent Ozar Unlimited), and Stuart Halloway (Datomic).

If you haven’t attended a Hangout, we have recorded them all and they are available on the Basho Technologies Youtube Channel. You can also watch each below.

Data Types and Search in Riak 2.0

Featuring Mark Phillips (Director of Community, Basho), Sean Cribbs (Engineer, Basho), Brett Hazen (Engineer, Basho), and Luke Bakken (Client Services Engineer, Basho)

Bucket Types and Configuration

Featuring Tom Santero (Technical Evangelist, Basho), Joe DeVivo (Engineer, Basho), and Jordan West (Engineer, Basho)

Riak 2.0: Security and Conflict Resolution

Featuring John Daily (Technical Evangelist, Basho), Andrew Thompson (Engineer, Basho), Justin Sheehy (CTO, Basho), and Kyle Kingsbury (Factual)

Fun with Java and C Clients

Featuring Seth Thomas (Technical Evangelist, Basho), Brett Hazen (Engineer, Basho), and Brian Roach (Engineer, Basho)

Property Based Testing

Featuring Tom Santero (Technical Evangelist, Basho) and Reid Draper (Engineer, Basho)

Datomic and Riak

Featuring Hector Castro (Technical Evangelist, Basho), Dmitri Zagidulin (Professional Services, Basho), and Stuart Halloway (Datomic)


Featuring John Daily (Technical Evangelist, Basho), David Rusek (Engineer, Basho), and Jeremiah Peschka (Brent Ozar Unlimited)

A Look Back

Featuring John Daily (Technical Evangelist, Basho), Hector Castro (Technical Evangelist, Basho), Andy Gross (Chief Architect, Basho), and Mark Phillips (Director of Community, Basho)

Hangouts take place on Fridays at 11am PT/2pm ET. If you have any topics you’d like to see featured, let us know on the Riak Mailing List.


RICON West Videos: Lightning Talks

January 22, 2014

Before heading over to 25 Lusk for the RICON West 2013 after party, Engine Yard sponsored the Lightning Talks at the end of Day One. Lightning Talks are 5-10 minute presentations by the attendees of RICON. Lightning Talks can cover a wide range of topics, including new projects being worked on, new services being built, or how a company is using Riak.

This past RICON West featured 11 speakers, including:

  • Ines Sombra (EngineYard) discussing EngineYard’s Cloud and hosted Riak
  • Armon Dadgar (HashiCorp) discussing Serf
  • Michael Shavell (Symantec) discussing how the Norton Notification Service uses Riak
  • Chris Meiklejohn (Basho) discussing Verified Vector Clocks
  • Heinz Gies (Project FiFo) discussing Project FiFo
  • Chris Doherty (Ooyala) discussing Communicating Effectively
  • Jason Johnson (SoftLayer) discussing filesystems
  • Kyle Kingsbury (Factual) discussing Skuld
  • Nicolas Favre-Felix (Acunu) discussing CRDTs for real-time analytics
  • Joe DeVivo (Basho) discussing Cuttlefish
  • Christopher Merz (SolidFire) discussing Riak on SolidFire

You can watch all of the Lightning Talks below.

Lightning Talks from RICON East 2013 and RICON West 2012 are also available.

To watch all of the sessions from RICON West 2013, visit the Basho Technologies Youtube Channel.