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RICON West Videos: Riak Data Types

December 12, 2013

At RICON West this year, we announced the Technical Preview of Riak 2.0. Before the full release (which will be available early next year), we are encouraging users to download the preview and start testing some of the exciting new features.

At RICON, we had many of the engineers who worked on these new features present their work. One feature that we’re particularly excited about is the addition of Riak Data Types. Riak 2.0 builds on eventually consistent counters (added with Riak 1.4) with the addition of maps and sets. These Riak Data Types simplify application development without sacrificing Riak’s availability and partition tolerance characteristics.

In “CRDTs: An Update (or Maybe Just a PUT),” Basho engineer, Sam Elliott, presents on the work being done with Riak Data Types. Sam and a few other engineers at Basho have been integrating cutting-edge research on data types (known as CRDTs), pioneered by INRIA, to create Riak Data Types. Sam talks about the latest developments on CRDTs and walks developers through how to use them in their own applications.

In addition to Sam’s talk, we also had a talk from Jeremy Ong on “CRDTs in Production.” His talk provides real world solutions to leveraging CRDT concepts for an industrial application via case study. He also offers some suggestions on how to tackle data operations that can’t always commute. You can watch his full talk below.

For more information about Riak Data Types, check out this overview on Github.

To watch all of the sessions from RICON West 2013, visit the Basho Technologies Youtube Channel.


Riak and Riak Enterprise 1.4 Release

July 10, 2013

Today, Basho Technologies announced the public availability of Riak 1.4.

The release includes new features and updates in addition to a substantive set of addressed issues. These updates include improvements to Secondary Indexes, simplified cluster management through Riak Control, reduced object storage overhead, and progress reporting for Hinted Handoff. Riak 1.4 also sets the stage for Basho’s upcoming major release, Riak 2.0, planned for Fall 2013.

In addition to these features and capabilities, Riak 1.4 includes eventually consistent, distributed counter functionality. Riak’s first distributed data type provides conflict resolution after a network partition and continues to advance Basho’s position of leadership within the distributed systems space.

This release encompasses both Riak and Riak Enterprise, which includes the multi-datacenter replication capability used by an increasing number of enterprise customers to address their critical data needs.

A full list of the new features and updates available in the 1.4 release can be found on the Basho blog post, Basho Announces Availability of Riak 1.4.

Basho Announces Availability of Riak 1.4

July 10, 2013

We are excited to announce the launch of Riak 1.4. With this release, we have added in more functionality and addressed some common requests that we hear from customers. In addition, there are a few features available in technical preview that you can begin testing and will be fully rolled out in the 2.0 launch later this year.

The new features and updates in Riak 1.4 include:

  • Secondary Indexing Improvements: Query results are now sorted and paginated, offering developers much richer semantics
  • Introducing Counters in Riak: Counters, Riak’s first distributed data type, provide automatic conflict resolution after a network partition
  • Simplified Cluster Management With Riak Control: New capabilities in Riak’s GUI-based administration tool improve the cluster management page for preparing and applying changes to the cluster
  • Reduced Object Storage Overhead: Values and associated metadata are stored and transmitted using a more compact format, reducing disk and network overhead
  • Handoff Progress Reporting: Makes operating the cluster, identifying and troubleshooting issues, and monitoring the cluster simpler
  • Improved Backpressure: Riak responds with an overload message if a vnode has too many messages in queue

This 1.4 launch also adds quite a few performance enhancements to Riak Enterprise’s multi-datacenter replication that include:

  • Replication in Riak 1.4 supports SSL, NAT, and full sync scheduling
  • Availability of cascading real-time writes gives operators the choice as to whether or not all writes are replicated to all datacenters
  • Optional use of Active Anti-Entropy during replication in Riak 1.4 to significantly decrease data transfer times is available in Technical Preview

These updates improve the performance of Riak and provide greater functionality and management for both clusters and multiple datacenters. You can download Riak 1.4 at docs.basho.com/riak/latest/downloads.

For a full list of what’s in Riak 1.4, check out our code at Github.com/basho or review the release notes. To learn even more, join our live webcast, “What’s New in Riak 1.4” on July 12th and look for a series of more detailed blog posts over the coming weeks.

We will also be launching Riak CS 1.4 shortly. Keep an eye on our blog for more information.