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Tapjoy to Speak on Riak at Red Hat Summit

June 10, 2013

The Red Hat Summit will be taking place this week in Boston from June 11-14. This conference focuses on open source technology that showcases the latest and greatest in cloud computing, platform, virtualization, middleware, storage, and systems management technologies.

On June 12th at 6pm, Weston Jossey will be presenting, “Taming the Leviathan: Using Riak to Harden Your Data Infrastructure”, at the Partner Theater. Weston Jossey is a software engineer at Tapjoy, a leading mobile advertising company. Jossey has led the initiative to move terabytes of high volume data into Riak from a relational system. His talk will discuss why he chose Riak and his experiences migrating this data.

Basho is also a proud sponsor of Red Hat Summit. If you are interested in learning more (or just want a free t-shirt), you can visit us at Booth #206 to discuss all things Riak.

We hope to see you in Boston!


Understanding Riak's Configurable Behaviors Epilogue

May 22, 2013

Basho recently held its second distributed systems conference, RICON East in New York City. Months of preparation led to two days of concentrated learning, with community members from academia and industry sharing where we’ve been and where we’re going.

By design, many of the presentations had little direct relationship to Riak: RICON is a marketplace for ideas, not for product. However, two of the speakers tackled topics I discussed recently in my blog series on the subtleties of Riak configuration.

This is a follow-up to that series to examine those talks. I won’t repeat earlier content in any significant detail.

Rich Hickey, Using Datomic with Riak

Datomic is a very different take on databases, more akin to a version control system than a traditional RDBMS. In Datomic, records (“facts”) are never changed, but rather can be replaced as needed.

The notion of immutable facts leads to a conceptually simple distributed model that allows for transactions: a view into the database is simply a checkpoint of the facts. It’s always possible that a client may be reading an old checkpoint, but the facts at that checkpoint will be consistent regardless of what further updates have been applied.

Riak is one of several backends that can be used with Datomic.

How Datomic queries Riak

Because Datomic keeps a record of all keys in the system, and because the values for those keys never change, reads can be expedited by setting R=1.

However, as you’ll recall, R=1 has an important complication: if the first vnode to respond does not have a copy of that key (perhaps there’s a sloppy quorum in play due to a node failure) the request will “successfully” complete with a notfound message.

This default behavior can be changed by setting notfound_ok=false so that the coordinating node will await an actual value before reporting it back to the client, and in fact this is how Datomic operates.

Kyle Kingsbury, Call Me Maybe: Carly Rae Jepsen and the Perils of Network Partitions

Kyle conducted extensive testing of various distributed databases in the face of network partition. Specifically, he wanted to see whether writes were successful (and properly retained) during and after the partition.

His testing of Riak with allow_mult=false (the default) revealed 91% of writes were lost after the partition healed.

Riak is, however, the only database that retained 100% of writes during a partition, but only when allow_mult was set to true in order to allow sibling resolution on the client side after the partition.

Without allow_mult=true, there is no way (currently) for Riak to resolve conflicting writes other than to accept the last value written.

Important: Riak would also do a perfectly good job of preserving all writes under the Datomic model of creating immutable key/value pairs. It may seem like all databases should handle that scenario properly, but in fact some will throw away all writes on one side of the partition.

Kyle emphasizes what I mentioned in part 1 of this series: if you can’t create immutable objects, and don’t want to handle conflict resolution via the client, CRDTs will allow for automatic resolution in the future, so long as you can make your data fit that model.

Kyle has expanded his talk into a blog series.


Basho will be hosting two more RICON conferences this year, in San Francisco and London. As was true in New York City in May and San Francisco last fall, the talks will be streamed live over the Internet and would be well worth your time.

However, speaking from personal experience, the talks are just a portion of the overall value offered by RICON. It is difficult to convey the atmosphere during and between sessions, but even the afterparty was replete with technical discussions.

If you’ve not experienced it, you can browse the #riconeast tag at Twitter for a feel for the reactions of those present (and those not) to the RICON experience, and please consider joining us next time.

RICON East videos should be available soon; the album of RICON 2012 videos is recommended.

John R. Daily

Google I/O Panel on Distributed Databases

May 21, 2013

Last week at Google I/O, Google’s popular developer conference, Tyler Hannan of Basho was invited to speak on a panel entitled, “Distributed Databases Panel: An Exploration of Approaches and Best Practices.”

During this talk, Tyler and other panelists discussed how modern distributed databases provide high availability, scalability, and fault-tolerance to protect critical data across all industries. In addition to Tyler, this talk featured Julia Ferraioli (Google Compute Engine), Brian Dorsey (Google Developer Relations), Chris Ramsdale (Google Cloud Platform), Mike Miller (Cloudant), and Will Shulman (MongoLab).

You can watch the entire talk below:


Basho is Speaking at Google I/O

May 15, 2013

Google I/O, Google’s popular developer conference, is happening in San Francisco now through Friday, May 17. This conference features speakers from various industries as well as code labs and developer demos.

We are excited to announce that Basho’s own Tyler Hannan will be speaking on a panel entitled, “Distributed Databases Panel: An Exploration of Approaches and Best Practices.” This panel will take place on Thursday, May 16th at 12:45pm as part of the Google Cloud Platform track.

Joining Tyler on this panel will be:

  • Julia Ferraioli, Developer Advocate for Google Compute Engine
  • Brian Dorsey, Developer Programs Engineer for the Google Developer Relations Team
  • Chris Ramsdale, Product Manager for Google Cloud Platform
  • Mike Miller, Chief Scientist at Cloudant
  • Will Shulman, CEO and Co-Founder of MongoLab

If you’re at Google I/O this week, we hope to see you at our panel! For a full list of where Basho will be, check out our Events Page.


RICON East Livestream Available

May 13, 2013

Today is the kick off of our distributed systems conference, RICON East! This two-day conference is taking over New World Stages and features a great line up of speakers ranging from academia to industry, talking about the theory, practice and importance of running distributed systems in production.

The opening keynote will be given by Dr. Margo Seltzer, whose talk, Automatically Scalable Computation, discusses the current limitations of distributed computation and, based off research being conducted at Harvard, offers one potential solution. You can also check out the full schedule of speakers here.

If you weren’t able to get tickets this year, don’t worry. You can watch all of the great talks via our live stream at ricon.io/live.html.

Also, if you’re going to be in San Francisco on October 29-30, there will be some exciting updates about RICON West coming soon.

See you at RICON!


RICON East Speakers Announced

April 11, 2013

On May 13-14, RICON East will take place in New York City – with tickets still available here. RICON is Basho’s series of distributed system conferences for developers. We first launched RICON last October at the sold out San Francisco show. This year, we have three conferences scheduled across the globe, with the first in New York.

RICON East will bring together developers, engineers, architects, and scientists to discuss Riak, as well as key emerging research areas and approaches to solving the challenges faced by the industry today.

Earlier this week, the confirmed speaker line-up was released and can be found here. Here’s a look at some of the speakers:

  • Dr. Margo L. Seltzer, Professor at Harvard University
  • Rich Hickey, Creator of Clojure, Datomic
  • Camille Fournier, VP of Architecture at Rent the Runway
  • Hilary Mason, Chief Scientist at bitly
  • Theo Schlossnagle, Founder and CEO at OmniTI
  • Ed Laczynski, VP of Cloud Strategy and Architecture at Datapipe
  • Brian Akins, Chief Operations Engineer at Turner Broadcasting System
  • Sathish Gaddipati, VP of Enterprise Data at The Weather Channel
  • Michajlo Matijkiw, Senior Software Engineer at Comcast

Many Basho engineers will also be speaking throughout the conference, including: Andy Gross, Sean Cribbs, Matthew Von-Maszewski, Ryan Zezeski, and Chris Tilt.

If you still haven’t purchased your tickets, there are still some available here! Also check out some of last year’s amazing talks or reach out to Mark Phillips if you’re interested in group ticket discounts or sponsorships opportunities

See you in New York!


Basho Announces Initial Speaker Line-Up for RICON East

Over 30 speakers from bitly, Comcast, The Weather Channel, Turner Broadcasting System, Harvard University, and more to discuss the future of distributed systems.

New York City, NY – April 8, 2013Basho, the worldwide leader in distributed database and cloud storage software, announced today the initial speaker line up for RICON East. RICON is Basho’s global conference series that is dedicated to distributed systems and is designed by and for engineers, developers, data scientists, and architects. RICON East is being held May 13-14 in New York City, NY. Basho expects to assemble hundreds of the industry’s most influential thinkers and practitioners devoted to deploying distributed systems technologies, including NoSQL solutions and Cloud Storage.

Speakers include:
Dr. Margo L. Seltzer, Harvard University
Rich Hickey, Creator of Clojure, Datomic
Camille Fournier, Rent the Runway
Alex Payne, Breather
Hilary Mason, bitly
Theo Schlossnagle, OmniTI
Robert Treat, OmniTI
Neha Narula, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Neil Conway, UC Berkeley
Kyle Kingsbury, Factual
Ed Laczynski, Datapipe
Brian Akins, Turner Broadcasting System
Sathish Gaddipati, The Weather Channel
Michajlo Matijkiw, Comcast
Mark Wunsch, Gilt Groupe

Basho engineers will be featured prominently throughout RICON East. Basho speakers include: Andy Gross, Sean Cribbs, Matthew Von-Maszewski, Ryan Zezeski, Chris Tilt.

RICON East builds on Basho’s highly successful, sold-out RICON 2012 event held Fall 2012 in San Francisco. Presentations from RICON 2012 are available to view at www.ricon2012.com.

Ticket Information
Tickets are available online at http://ricon.io/east.html. Student discount prices are available online. For other discounts, including discounts for large groups, contact Mark Phillips at mark@basho.com.

Sponsorship information
Initial sponsors of RICON East include Fastly, Meraki, Engine Yard, Github and NoSQLWeekly. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Tom Santero at tsantero@basho.com.

About Basho Technologies
Basho is a distributed systems company dedicated to making software that is highly available, fault-tolerant and easy-to-operate at scale. Basho’s distributed NoSQL database, Riak, and Basho’s cloud storage software, Riak CS, are used by fast growing Web businesses and by over 25% of the Fortune 50 to power their critical Web, mobile and social applications and their public and private cloud platforms.

Riak and Riak CS are available open source. Riak Enterprise and Riak CS Enterprise offer enhanced multi-datacenter replication and 24×7 Basho support. For more information, visit basho.com.

Basho is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has offices in London, San Francisco, Tokyo and Washington DC.

Rovio and Riak at GDC This Week

March 26, 2013

Basho is a proud sponsor of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), happening this week in San Francisco. GDC is the world’s largest and longest running game industry event.

On Wednesday, March 27 at 11:00am, Basho Chief Architect, Andy Gross, and Rovio Entertainment Product Manager, Timo Herttua, will be co-presenting in room 3022 of the West Hall. The talk will discuss how Rovio uses Riak, the data storage requirements for today’s high-scale and high-performance gaming platforms, and how to run distributed systems in production.

Angry Birds developer Rovio is using Riak as the database supporting its new mobile gaming platform, including features such as payments, game state storage, and push notifications. The Croods game, launched last week, was the first to use this new platform. The Croods game is now available on Android and iOS.

If you’re at GDC this week, make sure to stop by our booth (#202), get a t-shirt, and learn how top gaming companies are using Riak.

If you’re not at GDC, but would like to learn more about Riak and how it can be used for gaming platforms, download “Gaming on Riak: A Technical Introduction,” or visit our gaming page.


Update on RICON | EAST: CFP, Early Bird, and Talk Announcements

Last year, Basho held a widely-acclaimed conference, RICON2012, where leading technologists gave insightful talks and shared ideas about Basho’s distributed database Riak and, more broadly, the distributed systems space.

The conference will once again host developers, engineers, architects, and scientists talking about Riak as well as key emerging research areas and approaches to solving the challenges faced by the industry today. Learn how some of the smartest people in the world are solving some of the hardest problems in the world.

Early bird ticket sales have begun and talk proposals are welcomed at ricon@basho.com. Please note that the deadline for CFPs is March 15th.

Watch the official RICON blog for speaker announcements.

To get a better idea of what RICON is all about, recorded talks from RICON2012 can be found on the RICON website or Vimeo. Expect to be inspired and receive a fashionable hoodie — with your Twitter/GitHub handle along the side.

RICON Hoodie

Basho's European Conference Schedule

May 22, 2012

A handful of the Basho team are descending on Europe, attending and speaking at various conferences and meetups, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet and mingle with the growing European Riak community.

Here’s the full list of places and events where we’ll be. If you will be at any of these events and want to talk Riak, we want to hear from you! Send us a tweet or email Tom at tsantero@basho.com

GOTO Copenhagen

May 21-23

GOTO Copenhagen began yesterday and runs through May 23. The GOTO conference series are international events put on for, and by, software developers. This year’s theme is “Real Stories from Real People” and attendees can expect to learn about solving real life problems form real life experiences from a number of leading experts and authors.

Put these talks in your calendar:

Basho will also have a booth on the exhibition floor. Be sure to stop by in between talks to chat with Ian or Tom about Riak, distributed systems or your favorite fancy cocktail.

GOTO Amsterdam

May 24-25

GOTO is on a roll this year, with two European conferences scheduled back to back. GOTO Amsterdam is hosted at Beurs van Berlage. For a two day conferences, the list of speakers is quite impressive so kudos to the GOTO Program Advisory Board for putting this one together.

In addition to a booth on the exhibition floor, Andy Gross will deliver the following talk that cannot be missed:

Be sure to corner [Andy](https://twitter.com/#!/argv0) or [Tom](https://twitter.com/#!/tsantero) in between sessions and ask them hard questions about Riak.

### NoSQL Matters

**May 29-30**

Basho’s [Tom Santero](https://twitter.com/#!/tsantero) will be attending [NoSQL Matters](http://www.nosql-matters.org/) set to take place in Cologne, Germany. This is a brand new conference, and we have very high expectations for success considering the caliber of [speakers](http://www.nosql-matters.org/speakers/) on deck.

If you’re in attendance, be sure not to miss these talks from members of the Riak community:

* [Designing for Concurrency with Riak](http://www.nosql-matters.org/agenda/) – Mathias Meyer
* [Theoretical Aspects of Distributed Systems, Playfully Illustrated](http://www.nosql-matters.org/agenda/) – Pavlo Baron

### Erlang User Conference

**May 28 – June 1**

Stockholm plays host to this year’s [Erlang User Conference](http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/ErlangUserConference2012). The events put on by Erlang Solutions are usually exceptional, and Basho will be well represented this year.

The conference itself last for two days, Monday and Tuesday, followed by a day of tutorials on Wednesday and then wrapped up with two days of workshops on Thursday and Friday.

We’ll be delivering the following talks:

* [Sweden's Next Top NoSQL Data Model](http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/ErlangUserConference2012/speakers/IanPlosker) – Ian Plosker
* [Innovation: What Every Developer Absolutely Needs To Know](http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/ErlangUserConference2012/speakers/SteveVinoski) – Steve Vinoski

Basho’s VP of Engineering, [Dizzy Smith](https://twitter.com/#!/dizzyd), will host a [tutorial](http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/ErlangUserConference2012/speakers/DizzySmith) demonstrating [Rebar](https://github.com/basho/rebar), an open-source build-system for Erlang/OTP applications.

[Ian Plosker](https://twitter.com/#!/dstroyallmodels) will be running a two day class on
[Building distributed clusters with Riak](http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/ErlangUserConference2012/university/RiakTraining). Everyone who attends will walk away with a very clear understanding of just why Riak is the best distributed database you will ever run in production.

### London Riak Meetup

**May 30**

Basho is pleased to announce that Ian Plosker will be hosting the [Inaugural London Riak Meetup](http://www.meetup.com/riak-london/events/62061262/).

This first meetup in London will feature a talk by Basho’s VP of Engineering, [Dizzy Smith](https://twitter.com/#!/dizzyd) and is hosted in Google’s new [co-working space](http://www.campuslondon.com/).

If you’re in or around London on May 30, missing this is not optional.

*Don’t forget to [RSVP](http://www.meetup.com/riak-london/events/62061262/).*

### EuRuKo

**June 1-2**

[EuRuKo](http://www.euruko2012.org/) is an annual Ruby conference hosted in Amsterdam. All attendees can expect a killer [venue](http://www.euruko2012.org/#venue), awesome [lineup of speakers](http://www.euruko2012.org/#speakers) and a fancy Boat Party sponsored by GitHub.

[Sean Cribbs](https://twitter.com/#!/seancribbs) will give a talk titled *A Case of Accidental Concurrency* – if you haven’t been lucky enough to hear Sean speak in person before, than you’re in for a real treat.

### Berlin Buzzwords

**June 4-5**

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll be at [Berlin Buzzwords](http://berlinbuzzwords.de/) for two days of [brilliant technologists](http://berlinbuzzwords.de/speakers), [hackathons](http://berlinbuzzwords.de/wiki/hackathons) and training.
The theme of this conference is “search”, “store” and “scale”, our natural habitat so to speak.

You’ll get to hear form the Basho team:

* [Germany's Next Top Data Model](http://berlinbuzzwords.de/sessions/germanys-next-top-data-model) – Ian Plosker
* [Eventually Consistent Data Structures](http://berlinbuzzwords.de/sessions/eventually-consistent-data-structures) – Sean Cribbs

As well as the Riak community:

* [From Hand to Mouth](http://berlinbuzzwords.de/sessions/hand-mouth) – Pavlo Baron