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Basho North America Events in September 2014

September features developer conferences, Chicago Erlang, and even an “unconference.” Take a look at where Basho will be around the U.S. this month.

Strangeloop (September 17-19 in St. Louis, MO): Strangeloop is a great opportunity to learn about emerging languages, concurrent and distributed systems, and new database technologies. Basho is attending, so tweet us @basho if you’re interested in meeting.

Analytics and Big Data Summit (September 18 in San Jose, CA at 3:05 p.m. PT): Produced by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), the Analytics and Big Data Summit brings together IT professionals to discuss how to leverage analytics, and big data applications and systems. Seema Jethani from Basho will be presenting on Optimizing Cloud Storage to Manage Big Data, which will explore different data types and storage solutions. Attendees will gain an understanding of the needs of big data storage and the current cloud storage options available to organizations.

2014 High Performance Computing for Wall Street (September 22 in New York, NY at 2:30 p.m. ET): The 11th annual HPC networking opportunity is focused on high put-through, low latency networks, data centers and lowering the costs of operations. Our director of technical marketing, Tyler Hannan, will be presenting a Code Writing Session – Architecting for Global Scale.

Chicago Erlang (September 22 in Chicago, IL): Chicago Erlang is a one-day event focused on real world applications of Erlang. At 10:40 a.m. CT, Basho’s Reid Draper will present on Building Fault Tolerant Teams at Basho during which he will explain how Basho coordinates the activities of more than 25 Erlang programmers to build Riak. Then, at 3:20 p.m. CT, Steve Vinoski from Basho will discuss Optimizing Native Code for Erlang.

REST Fest 2014 (September 25-27 in Greenville, SC): REST Fest is an “unconference” with the objective of bringing together people interested in REST, hypermedia APIs, web service APIs and related topics to share ideas, trade stories and show examples of current work. Sean Cribbs from Basho will be the opening keynote! His keynote, HTTP: The Good Parts, will explore interesting and powerful ways to enhance interaction and efficiency when developing applications. Sean will leverage his 10 years of experience as a developer to provide insight into HTTP features and how you can tap into them more declaratively.

Surge 2014 (September 24-26 in National Harbor, MD): We will be attending and sponsoring OmniTI’s scalability and performance conference, Surge. We’d love to meet and chat, so tweet us @basho if you’re attending.

Lastly, RICON 2014 is just one month away, October 28-29. Early bird prices are good through September 22. Register here.


The Weather Company Deploys Basho Riak for Next Generation Forecast and Data Services Platform

The Weather Company VP of Enterprise Data to Unveil New IT Platform at Amazon AWS re:Invent 2013

LAS VEGAS, CA – November 13, 2013 – Amazon AWS re:Invent 2013 – During the past year, The Weather Company has undergone a remarkable transformation to its technology infrastructure as a data-driven media and technology company. As a part of the transformation, The Weather Company, which oversees popular brands such as The Weather Channel, weather.com, Weather Underground, Intellicast and WSI, has selected next generation technologies to underpin its new IT platform, including Basho’s Riak, Apache Hadoop, and Dasein.

“Weather is the original big data. However, weather changes, and so must IT,” commented Bryson Koehler, executive vice president and CIO, The Weather Company. “A massive data explosion is at the center of our growth strategy. The Weather Company requires an architecture that is both flexible and reliable, allowing us to deliver higher accuracy through superior data. Basho has been a valuable partner in our transformation and Riak has proven to be a critical component as the NoSQL distributed database powering our new platform.”

Since joining The Weather Company in July 2012 as EVP and CIO, Bryson Koehler has renewed the company’s vision for technology and executed a global IT transformation to propel their business growth strategy.

The Weather Company deployed Riak across multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) availability zones using Riak Enterprise’s Multi-Datacenter Replication for ultra high-availability. Riak is used to store a variety of data from satellites, radars, forecast models, users, and weather stations worldwide. The next-generation data services platform enables The Weather Company to expand its ability to serve superior professional weather services in major weather-influenced markets, including media, hospitality, insurance, energy, and retail.

“The Weather Company typifies the customer that Riak was designed for,” said Greg Collins, CEO of Basho Technologies. “Aligning data services with customer consumption requires a flexible, available, and operationally simple database architecture. Riak Enterprise solves these needs while also working with the The Weather Company to ensure it is able to scale to meet the demand of an increasing set of data points and be well positioned for future initiatives.”

During Amazon re:Invent 2013, Sathish Gaddipati, vice president of enterprise data at The Weather Company will unveil their newest Weather Forecast and Data Services Platform and TWC’s overall enterprise IT transformation. Sathish’s presentation, titled How the Weather Company Monetizes Weather, the Original Big Data Problem, will be Thursday, November 14 at 5:30pm at The Venetian Las Vegas.

The Weather Company VP of Data Enterprise Presenting at AWS re:Invent

November 7, 2013

AWS re:Invent 2013 is the second annual Amazon Web Services’ global customer and partner conference. It is the largest gathering of developers and technical leaders from the AWS community and provides four days of sessions, training bootcamps, hands-on labs, and a Hackathon.

Sathish Gaddipati, The Weather Company VP of Data Enterprise, will be presenting at re:Invent on Thursday, November 14th at 5:30pm. His talk, “How The Weather Company Monetizes Weather, the Original Big Data Challenge,” will look at the transformation of the most widely distributed cable TV network in the United States (building on one of the world’s most visited digital properties) to create a world class Big Data platform. As part of this transformation, The Weather Company has selected Basho’s Riak to underpin their new IT platform. Gaddipati will also discuss the architecture, technology choices (including how and why they selected Riak), performance results, and business benefits realized as part of their use of AWS services to host an exciting set of weather.com solutions and generate new revenue streams.

Basho is also a gold sponsor of re:Invent and will have a booth set up to answer any questions about Riak or Riak CS. Be sure and stop by to chat and grab some great Basho swag.


Basho at O’Reilly Strata

October 24, 2013

Next week, Basho will be sponsoring the O’Reilly Strata conference. This conference focuses on big data technologies and brings together decision makers, architects, developers, and analysts to discuss how to collect and use data successfully. The Strata Conference is combined with Hadoop World and takes place in New York City on October 28-30th.

On Wednesday, October 30th at 1:45pm, Jim Englert will speak on “Testing Riak for Multiple Data-Center Support: A Case Study.” Jim is the Lead Software Engineer at Gilt and will discuss his experience evaluating Riak before using it as the backend for the company’s main user store. In this talk, Jim will go through the testing process, the results of this stress test, and how Gilt – one of the top eCommerce companies in the U.S. – managed to test the features in production without outages or other interruptions. He will also discuss the strategy, tools, and processes necessary to achieve this feat in just five days, and also cover Gilt’s motivation for investigating Riak (such as the ability to span multiple data centers to expand across the Gilt’s physically separated data centers and into the cloud).

Before his talk, Jim will also be hosting office hours to further discuss Gilt’s use of Riak to help solve a variety of issues including disaster recovery, data availability across data centers, and scalability.

Throughout the conference, be sure and stop by the Basho booth for more information about Riak and how it can handle critical data at scale.


Basho at Strange Loop

September 19, 2013

Strange Loop 2013 is currently taking over St. Louis, MO through September 20th. Strange Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that brings together developers and thinkers to discuss technologies around emerging languages, concurrent and distributed systems, mobile development, and the web. Basho is a proud sponsor and many members of our team will be there to discuss Riak CS, our open source cloud storage software.

Garrett Eardley, Software Engineer at Riot Games, will also be presenting on how Riot Games is leveraging Riak for their next generation stats system. His talk, “Tracking Millions of Ganks in Near Real Time,” will discuss why they chose to use Riak (and move from their existing MySQL architecture), how they structure their data model and indexes, and their strategies for working with eventually consistent data. His talk will take place today, September 19th, at 9:50am.

Stop by the Basho table to grab some swag and to learn more about distributed systems.


Basho Chief Architect Speaking at NoSQL Now! Conference

San Jose, CA – August 20, 2013Basho is a proud sponsor and exhibitor of NoSQL NOW! 2013 Conference, a conference for NoSQL technologies that takes place August 20-22 in San Jose, CA.

At NoSQL NOW!, industry leaders and developers come together to share ideas at the largest vendor agnostic event of disruptive NoSQL technologies for infrastructure architecture.

Basho has a strong and salient presence at this conference. Both their open source distributed database, Riak, and cloud storage software, Riak CS, are NoSQL technologies that offer high availability, fault-tolerance, and operational ease-of-use. Unlike traditional databases, Riak automatically distributes data in the cluster, eliminating the need for manual sharding, and its masterless design means that nodes can fail without bringing down the entire system. Due to this architecture, Riak has become foundational to many of the world’s fastest-growing Web-based, mobile and social applications like Comcast, Voxer, and Best Buy. The Basho team will be available at the conference to answer questions about Riak and how to move from a relational system to a distributed one.

In addition to exhibiting, Basho Chief Architect and Co-Creator, Andy Gross, will be speaking on August 22 at 3:00pm. His talk, “Dealing with Systems in a New Distributed World” will discuss the resurgence in interest of both theoretical and applied distributed systems and its consequences for software developers. He will explore new areas of promising research, and provide practical advice for dealing with systems in our new distributed world. Finally, he will discuss how technologies are shifting to meet emerging business requirements, while simultaneously minimizing immediate operational burdens and enabling ease of scale.

Andy is a distributed systems nerd, co-creator of Riak and Webmachine, and Chief Architect at Basho Technologies. Before Basho, Andy hacked on various distributed systems at Apple, Akamai, and Mochi Media.

For more information about Riak, common use cases, and an in-depth analysis of the benefits of migrating to a distributed NoSQL database, download “From Relational to Riak.”

RICON West Speakers and Talks Now Live

August 8, 2013

RICON West, Basho’s distributed systems conference, will take place in San Francisco from October 29-30th. We’ve already started rolling out the speaker list, with 15 of the 23 speakers announced. Here are some of the highlights:

Be on the lookout next week when we announce the remaining speakers and the keynote. Until then, be sure and grab a ticket before they sell out – the early bird tickets are only available through August 29th – and make yourself known on the RICON West Lanyrd directory.

We look forward to seeing you in October.


Joins Us At NoSQL Now!

August 7, 2013

NoSQL Now! is taking place in a couple weeks in San Jose. This conference is the largest vendor-neutral forum focused on NoSQL technologies. Basho will be exhibiting this year and our Chief Architect and Co-Creator, Andy Gross, will also be speaking.

In his talk, Andy will discuss the resurgence in interest in both theoretical and applied distributed systems and its consequences for software developers. He will explore new areas of promising research, and provide practical advice for dealing with systems in our new distributed world.

This is the third annual NoSQL Now! conference and will happen from August 20-22nd. They focus on providing an educational agenda designed to help you create high-performance systems and evaluate various NoSQL database architectures. If you’re interested in attending or exhibiting, we have some discounts available.

Be sure to stop by our booth to chat about Riak and get some swag!


Basho to Speak About Riak at Lambda Jam

Chicago, IL – July 8, 2013 – Throughout the Lambda Jam Conference this week, Basho will be presenting twice about various aspects of Riak, as well as hosting a workshop on Webmachine. Lambda Jam is a conference for functional programmers and features a mix of sessions and workshops. It takes place in Chicago from July 8-10.

John Daily (Technical Evangelist at Basho), will be presenting first on “Distributed Programming with Riak Core and Pipe.” During his talk, he will dive into how Riak Core and Riak Pipe can be used, both within and beyond Basho. His talk begins at 9am on Tuesday, July 9th.

On July 10th at 9:50am, Basho Architect, Steve Vinoski, will be speaking on “Addressing Network Congestion in Riak Clusters.” In this talk, he will discuss an experimental approach to alleviating network congestion effects, such as timeouts and throughput collapse for Riak clusters under extreme load. In addition to exploring network scalability issues, this talk shows how Erlang can seamlessly integrate with non-FP languages.

Finally, Sean Cribbs and Chris Meiklejohn (Software Engineers at Basho) will be hosting a workshop entitled, “Functional Web Applications with Webmachine.” This workshop will provide guidance for understanding and getting started with Webmachine. It will then gradually expose richer HTTP features, while building out an application that is used by browsers and API clients alike. Their workshop begins at 1pm on July 10th.

To see where else Basho will be speaking, please visit our Basho Events Page.

GameLab2013: Riak for Gaming

July 1, 2013

GameLab2013 is Barcelona’s Videogame and Interactive Entertainment International Conference. It brings together creators, managers, and visionaries from across the industry to discuss current challenges and trends that will guide the future of digital entertainment. Some key topics include emerging gaming markets, new distribution platforms, shifting business models, and the evolution of social and mobile games.

This year, Tom Santero, Technical Evangelist at Basho, was invited to speak about how Riak fits into the evolving gaming industry. His talk, “Riak: Distributed Storage for Games You Don’t Have to Worry About,” describes how video games have changed over the years and how supporting massive global scale is now the norm for many gaming companies. He then describes how Riak can be a perfect fit for many gaming applications as it is designed for linear scalability, fault tolerance, high write throughput, low latency, and high availability. He also discusses how some gaming companies, such as Rovio and Hibernum, are currently using Riak to support their multi-platform applications. You can view his entire slide deck below:

To learn more about how Riak can be used for gaming platforms and applications, check out our Gaming Resources Page.