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Basho Podcast Three – An Introduction To Innostore

February 2, 2010

You may remember that Basho recently open-sourced Innostore, our standalone Erlang application that provides a simple interface to embedded InnoDB…

In this podcast, Dave “Dizzy” Smith and Justin Sheehy discuss the release of Innostore, why we built it, how we use it in Riak, and why it might be useful for other Erlang projects. The discussion focuses on the stability and predictability of InnoDB, especially under load and as compared with other storage backends like DETS.

And of course, go download Innostore when you are done with the podcast.



If you are having problems getting the podcast to play, click here to play in new window or right click to download the podcast.

UC Berkeley Professor Dr. Eric A. Brewer Joins Board of Directors of Basho Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Brewer takes active consulting role guiding Basho’s product roadmap and R&D projects.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – January 27, 2010Basho Technologies, Inc. today announced Dr. Eric Brewer, Professor of Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley and formerly founder and Chief Scientist of Inktomi Corporation, a leading provider of scalable search (sold to Yahoo! in 2003. NASDAQ:YHOO), is joining the Basho Board of Directors and he will serve as an active advisor on Basho’s product roadmap. Dr. Brewer begins in his dual roles effective immediately.

Dr. Brewer, globally recognized for his work on scalable, distributed systems, promoted the CAP Theorem, a seminal idea that fueled the emergence of a new class of distributed systems, including Basho’s own distributed data store, Riak.

“The impact of the cloud is still in its early stages – it will affect all aspects of life over the next ten years,” said Dr. Brewer. “New cloud-centric computing and database systems are at the core of this revolution and Basho’s team and their technology are emerging as one of the leaders of this space.”

Dr. Brewer will take an active role in shaping the Riak OS and Riak EnterpriseDS product roadmaps and he will advise the development team on long-term research and development projects.

“We are extremely fortunate and honored that Dr. Brewer has chosen Basho to invest his considerable knowledge and expertise,” said Earl Galleher, Chairman and CEO of Basho. “His involvement will make a true difference to our customers, our open source users and to our employees. To be guided by the person who has had the biggest impact on the NoSQL movement immediately places Basho in a leadership position among all NoSQL companies. His involvement with Basho goes a long way to validate the entire NoSQL space.”

As a researcher, Dr. Brewer has led projects on scalable servers, search engines, network infrastructure, sensor networks, and security. In 2000, he founded the Federal Search Foundation, an organization focused on improving consumer access to government information. Working with President Clinton, Dr. Brewer helped to create USA.gov, the official portal of the Federal government, which launched in September 2000.

Dr. Brewer has a MS and Ph.D. in EECS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a BS in EECS from UC Berkeley. He was named a “Global Leader for Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum, by the Industry Standard as the “most influential person on the architecture of the Internet”, and in 2007 was elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

About Basho Technologies

Basho Technologies, Inc., founded in January 2008 by a core group of software architects, engineers, and executive leadership from Akamai Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:AKAM – News), is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Basho produces Riak, a distributed data store that combines extreme fault tolerance, rapid scalability, and ease of use. Designed from the ground up to work with applications that run on the Internet and mobile networks, Riak is particularly well-suited for users of cloud infrastructure such as Amazon’s AWS and Joyent’s Smart platform and is available in both an open source and a paid commercial version. Current customers of Riak include Comcast Corporation, MIG-CAN, and Mochi Media.

Media Contacts
Earl Galleher
CEO, Basho Technologies, Inc.

Innostore — connecting Erlang to InnoDB

January 26, 2010

Riak has pluggable storage engines, and so we’re always on the lookout for better ways that users can store their data locally. Recent experiences with some Basho customers managing some large datasets led us to believe that InnoDB might work out very well for them.

To answer that question and fill that need, Innostore was written. It is a standalone Erlang application that provides a simple interface to Embedded InnoDB. So far its performance has been quite good, though InnoDB (with or without the Innostore API) is highly dependent on tuning the local configuration to match the local hardware. Luckily, Dizzy — the author of Innostore — has some heavy-duty experience doing that kind of tuning and as a result we’ve been able to help people meet their performance goals using Innostore.


Basho Podcast Two – An Introduction to erlang_js

January 19, 2010

Check out the new Basho podcast featuring Kevin Smith and Bryan Fink that discusses erlang_js, a simple and easy-to-use binding between Erlang and JavaScript. It is packaged as an OTP application so developers can easily embed Javascript inside their own applications.

Once you are done with the podcast, go download erlang_js.


Mark Phillips

Right click here to download the Podcast

Riak Screencasts and Presentations – The Collected Works

December 28, 2009

To date, there have been a number of screencasts and presentations done on Riak and Riak-related technologies. As a belated holiday gift (we were coding, not blogging), we thought it would be a valuable resource if we assembled all of them in an easy-to-peruse list here on the Basho Blog. If we missed any, please let us know in the comments.

Go forth and consume!


Basho Screencast – Dave Smith Introduces Riak in an Embedded Node

December 17, 2009

The team here at Basho has been working hard this past week to take Riak to the next level when it comes to usability in a production environment. The fruits of our labor are demonstrated here in this screencast as we proudly present Riak running in a fully self-contained embedded node environment.

What this means for our users is that it’s easier than ever to deploy and manage Riak servers — mainly no more dependencies on an external Erlang install. What’s more, running a Riak node is controlled by a single script that also provides runtime access to the Erlang console even if Riak is running in the background.

Enjoy, and stay tuned, as there are more of these to come!


(View on Vimeo)

Collecta Selects Basho’s Riak EnterpriseDS to Scale Real Time Search Business

Collecta Collaborates with Basho to develop Basho’s Riak Search Product

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Dec. 15Basho Technologies, Inc., a provider of commercial and open source distributed, highly scalable data store software and analytics tools, today announced Collecta has selected Basho’s Riak Search as it continues to build its real-time search engine for the entire Web, not just social media.

Collecta, which already uses Webmachine, Basho’s open-source RESTful application server, provided the initial requirements and critical input into the design and validation of Riak’s new search and indexing features. Currently in testing with Collecta, as well as a handful of other clients, Basho will make Riak Search widely available January 15th.

“Collecta really provided the spark of motivation for us. Once they determined Riak EnterpriseDS met their stability and performance needs for document storage and retrieval, we collaborated with them to implement a search and indexing system for Riak,” said Earl Galleher, Chairman and CEO of Basho Technologies, Inc.

“Traditional indexing systems are not designed for the needs of real-time search. Using Riak, we will get much better performance and save money on infrastructure.” said Jack Moffitt, Collecta’s CTO. “We already knew Basho made great software because we used and trusted Webmachine, but Riak Search takes it to the next level.”

In reference to the Search features Mr. Moffitt said, “After an initial exchange of ideas about how to build a better indexing system on distributed databases like Riak, the Basho team went off and built a prototype. The results were so promising that we knew the combination of Collecta’s domain expertise and Basho’s data engine expertise will make for a perfect relationship.”

“Collecta immediately grasped how an indexing solution on a truly distributed, scalable data store would change the game for search,” said Justin Sheehy, Basho’s CTO. “Riak allows users to add and remove capacity as traffic spikes and ebbs or data sets grow. With no special master nodes, distributed MapReduce, and other Riak technologies, Collecta can double their analytical power and storage by doubling the number of low-cost nodes in a cluster.”

About Basho Technologies

Basho Technologies, Inc., founded in January 2008 by a core group of software architects, engineers and executive leadership from Akamai Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM) is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Basho produces Riak, a distributed data store that combines high availability, easily-scalable capacity and throughput, and ease of use. Riak’s high availability data store means that applications built using Riak remain both read and write available under almost any operational conditions and without requiring intervention. Available in both an open source and a paid commercial version, Riak provides unprecedented performance and availability to web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

About Collecta

Collecta represents a new way to experience search, in real time. Collecta is the Web’s most powerful streaming real-time search engine, posting matching stories, blogs, photos, and comments as they happen. By aggregating content in real time, Collecta offers a new and more comprehensive view of what’s going on in the world right now. For more information, visit http://Collecta.com.

Media Contacts
Earl Galleher
CEO, Basho Technologies, Inc.

Great Customers Make Great Products

December 15, 2009

At Basho, we’re a very lucky bunch of people.

The first paying customer for the Enterprise edition of Riak was Mochi Media. They first rolled it out on a low-profile system. I won’t lie to you by saying that everything was perfect; any interesting piece of software will show its warts the first time it is placed into an unforeseen environment. The people at Mochi were open, communicative, and interested in learning more about how Riak worked. As they became comfortable with its behavior operationally and under load, they put it into bigger and more business-critical applications. Those first experiences with Mochi helped us to reprioritize our early to-do list to best serve others like them, and we also gained a valuable advisor.

We’ve signed a few great customers since then, and the latest such is Collecta. Long before they started using our product inside their search service we were having great conversations with them about their use of Webmachine and other topics. Jack already told the story about the genesis of Riak Search better than I can, so you should read his account of it. Both the ideas and the very concrete problem set posed by Collecta gave John exactly what was needed to focus the project and deliver something really cool.

An important part of building a business around open source software is that it isn’t just customers that care about the quality of your work. In addition to the valuable experiences we have had with customers, direct open source contributions have made a big difference as well. Since shortly after we first released Riak under the Apache 2 license, we have received valuable improvements in code, documentation, and ideas from people around the world. A few of those have become customers since then, but we are also deeply grateful to all of the others. We hope for Riak to thrive in various open source contexts, and it is because of those people that we are hopeful.

We’re working this week with a potential new customer that wants to store and process terabytes of data in a single Riak cluster, and in a very visible public-facing system. Just like with Mochi and Collecta, the fact that we are talking to some very smart, capable people makes our job a pleasure even in the face of interesting new challenges — perhaps especially then.

We really are lucky to work with such excellent people.

Thank you to the customers of Basho and everyone else who has helped us so far on the road of continuous improvement.


Collecta Chooses Riak Search

December 15, 2009

Another big announcement for the team here at Basho: Collecta, which makes a truly cool real-time streaming search engine, has chosen to use Riak Search. They are longtime Webmachine users and when they learned about Riak, they partnered with us to define Riak Search and validate the prototype.

Look for a blog post later in the day from Justin Sheehy on what it was like to work with Collecta. (Hint: it was awesome!)

Stay tuned.


Justin Sheehy's Presentation at NoSQL East Now Available for Viewing

November 18, 2009

Thanks to the hardwork of Brad Anderson and the rest of the NoSQL East organizers, Justin Sheehy’s presentation is now online and ready to be consumed. You can check it out here: http://bit.ly/2wDhWs

Justin spends a little time discussing Riak and then quickly moves on to a discussion of first principles.

Justin’s presentation stands on its own but it is worth pointing out: terms like “scalable” and “distributed” and “fault tolerant” are not marketing terms. Applied rigorously, the principles underlying them (a hat tip to folks like Brewer, Lewin/Leighton/Karger et. al.) lead to game-changing software.

Building truly decentralized systems requires discipline. Shortcuts for premature optimization ultimately lead to a dead end.


Tony Falco