April 13, 2011

We are pleased to announce that Ryan Zezeski has joined the Basho Team!

Ryan has been coding since 14 and was hooked after writing his first program in Visual Basic 3.0. (It was an add-on for AOL that would automatically block a user that spammed the chat room.) He wrote his first line of Erlang in late June of 2010 on a plane ride to Mountain View, CA, and his fingers haven’t stopped since.

In the last six months Ryan has been hard at work putting various pieces of Basho software into production at AOL including Rebar, Riak, Riak Search, Riak Core, and Webmachine and sent us numerous high quality patches for Luwak and Riak in the process. (It was his work on Luwak that initially caught our eye.) He’s planning to spend as much time as possible with Riak Core and expose it to the greater public through his working blog “try try try.”

On a personal note, Ryan resides in downtown Baltimore. If you happen to see a guy in Federal Hill sporting a black T-shirt that says “Riak”, don’t be scared to say hello.

Ryan is on Twitter as @rzezeski and on GitHub as rzezeski.

Welcome, Ryan!

The Basho Team