March 4, 2011

Anyone can contribute to the Riak Wiki: it’s maintained and deployed from a public GitHub repository, so everyone is free to fork and send us a pull request to make changes. There is, however, a group of community members who are given commit access to this repo, and I’m pleased to announce that Ryan Zezeski is now part of this group.

Ryan first became involved with Riak several months ago when he selected it as the production data store for a component of the ad-serving platform he works on during the daytime hours. Since then he has become an active and visible member of our community, contributing numerous patches to Luwak and providing guidance to new and existing users on the Riak Mailing list and in the Riak IRC Channel. In short, he knows his Riak and we are thrilled to have him on board as a Community Committer.

Welcome, Ryan! We are looking forward to your contributions.